Blood for Stone

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Blood for Stone

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Quest giver
Mor Dhona (X:21.9, Y:8.4)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Ultimate Weapon
Experience 0
Gil 2,064

The daughters of Ishgard have a wintry gaze, but Faillicie looks upon you with something very like favor─alloyed with a certain urgency.

— In-game description




Despite the (Hard) in the name, the dungeon is not actually more difficult than any other story-mode dungeon. It is easily completed blind with the Duty Finder.



  • The daughters of Ishgard have a wintry gaze, but Faillicie looks upon you with something very like favor─alloyed with a certain urgency.
  • According to Faillicie, Lord Drillemont prepares to retake the Stone Vigil, and begs the presence of the adventurer who once walked its dragon-haunted galleries. Take yourself to Whitebrim Front and hear what Drillemont has to say.
  • Lord Drillemont receives you with every courtesy. So unused are you to such deference from the mistrustful masters of Ishgard that you enjoy it rather less than you thought. By contrast, storming the Stone Vigil by air sounds quite comfortable indeed. Join Nathelain near the Vigil in the Coerthas central highlands and await the airship.
  • The feat of one can buoy the spirits of many, and Ser Nathelain tells you that you were that one, and shall be again today. Fight your way through the Stone Vigil, and reclaim the ancient fortress from the Dravanian Horde.
    • ※The Stone Vigil (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • The battle is done. After six years and countless lives, Ishgard has won back the Stone Vigil. Who would have thought the rocks to have had so much blood in them? You would do well to dismiss such dark thoughts and go seek out Lord Drillemont instead.
  • Lord Drillemont proves to be no stranger to dark thoughts. While others rejoice, he sees that this victory is hollow unless the fortress can be rebuilt with alacrity. In the grim set of his jaw, you read an unspoken thought─what was retaken can be lost again, for a ruin is hard to hold...


Accepting the Quest

Faillicie: I seek a certain adventurer for a cause most just. Are you not [Forename]? Ha! I thought you had the right aspect!
Faillicie: 'Twas you who played the thief in the night at the Stone Vigil! The dragons guard their keep jealously, it's said, yet you slipped unseen into the cloudy fortress...
Faillicie: 'Twill not be their keep for much longer, however. The forces of Ishgard amass by the Sea of Clouds. Now, this is for your ears only, but the blockade is but a prelude to an attack.
Faillicie: Lord Drillemont commands the siege, and he would have your counsel. I am but one of many who seek you at his behest.
Faillicie: You must be a woman/man of rare quality. The proud knights of Durendaire are not accustomed to taking, let alone seeking, outside help.
Faillicie: Ishgard's is the cradle-air I breathed, and I yearn to see the Stone Vigil reclaimed from the Dravanian Horde. Will you not go to Whitebrim Front and aid Lord Drillemont?
Faillicie: Lord Drillemont awaits you at Whitebrim Front. The Stone Vigil shall be stormed, with or without you—but by the salt and the snow, the knights will bleed for the lack of your aid.

Speaking with Drillemont

Drillemont: [Forename] [Surname]. You have come to lend us your strength? House Durendaire is in your debt.
Drillemont: You will rejoice with us to know that the battle for the Stone Vigil has finally begun. The first wave has already breached the outer defenses and entered the keep.
Drillemont: As depraved a fow as the Dravanian are, they have a certain...cunning. The place teems with unbelievers who gladly embrace death merely to deny us a fulm of advance. We came to slay dogs and are bled by nits.
Drillemont: There are graver matters still. After our first wave stormed the keep, the enemy sealed the breach behind them. The Vigil Headgate is now a welter of molten iron and stones sharp as a headsman's axe. We can no longer send reinforcements by land.
Drillemont: The danger is great, but we must go by air. I shall lead the second wave, and would have you join your strength to ours.
Drillemont: Ser Nathelain awaits you near the Stone Vigil itself. I shall join you as soon as I have seen to the airships.

Speaking with Nathelain

Nathelain: Hail, [Forename]! Lord Drillemont's sent word. The airship will not be long in coming, and then...then we charge!
Nathelain: All Whitebrim Front knows your name. [Forename] [Surname], who penetrated the Stone Vigil's defenses! Why, to this very day I remember the cheer that rang out when we'd heard you'd laid Isgebind low. Your presence here is tonic—pure tonic—for the troops.
Nathelain: Too long have the damned dragons desecrated our keep. Halone willing, the Stone Vigil shall return to Ishgard before this day is out!

Reporting to Drillemont

Drillemont: [Forename], I am glad to see you safely returned. By the grace of the Fury and the aid you have given us, we have taken back what is ours.
Drillemont: Yet surely you saw what the Dravanians left in their wake: a ruin. A blood-crusted eye in need of much physicking before it can resume watch over the dragons...
Drillemont: It will be long and hard work to rebuild the Stone Vigil. Long and hard.
Drillemont: One battle ends, another begins. Our war is a holy one, and there is no rest for the pious, except in the arms of the Fury Herself.
Drillemont: Never shall be depleted the ranks of Ishgard's glorious dead. Never shall the prayers of the righteous be in vain. The dragons will perish—this I swear, by swords whole and broken.


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