Attack on Highbridge: Denouement

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Attack on Highbridge: Denouement
Type Kill Boss
Location Eastern Thanalan - Wellwick Wood (x23,y22)
Level 26
Duration 60m
Starting NPC Brass Blade
Friendly NPC Brass Blade
Enemies Qiqirn Roerunner, Qiqirn Trafficker, Nayokk Roh
Description Join the Brass Blades in rescuing the Highbridge residents kidnapped by the Qiqirn bandits and slay the mastermind behind this dark design-Nayokk Roh.
Experience 5,075
Gil 52
Company Seals 149
Previous FATE Attack on Highbridge: Prelude
Next FATE Highbridge
Attack on Highbridge: Denouement is a level 26 Kill Boss FATE in Eastern Thanalan - Wellwick Wood (x23,y22).

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