Ancelot's Fear

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Ancelot's Fear
Type Kill Enemies
Location The Lochs - Abalathia's Skull (x16.0,y8.0)
Level 69
Duration  ?m
Enemies Royal Ant
Description The Empire's outlawing of religion in Ala Mhigo has seen sacred sites fall into ruin, those once tasked with their upkeep forced to abandon all labors of faith. As a result, locations such as the royal crypts are now overrun with creatures threatening to defile thousands of years of history.
Experience 64,881
Gil 138
Company Seals 396
Next FATE Ancelot's Folly
Ancelot's Fear is a level 69 Kill Enemies FATE in The Lochs - Abalathia's Skull (x16.0,y8.0).

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