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A Voice from the Void

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A Voice from the Void

Hollow Pursuits.png
Quest giver
Amh Araeng (X:25.8, Y:16.4)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Role Quests
Required items
1 Sibilus Tendon.png  Sibilus Tendon
Magic Ranged DPS role.png Magical Ranged DPS
Experience 218,880
Gil 1,077
Previous quest
Feature QuestHollow Pursuits
Next quest
Feature QuestEchoes of the Past

Cerigg has made a breakthrough of sorts.

— In-game description




  • Cerigg appears pleased to inform you that Phronesis has been sighted in the area, allowing the investigation to begin in earnest. He explains his plan, which involves employing a manikin to trail the Sin Eater and observing from afar, that he might gauge just how wide of a berth must be kept from the hollows to avoid being sucked into the void. But first, the dilapidated manikin must be restored to a functional capacity. You agree to fetch the tendon of a Sandskin Sibilus from The Fields of Amber while Cerigg procures other essential parts.
  • You make short work of the sibilus and slice off a tendon that should serve you well in repairing the manikin. You set off to deliver it to Cerigg, who will undoubtedly be pleased with your success.
  • Using the tendon you acquired and other assorted parts procured from his merchant acquaintances, Cerigg succeeds in getting the manikin back on its feet. Fully prepared to begin the investigation, you set off for The Fields of Amber, where the fearsome Phronesis was last sighted.
  • Sighting your Sin Eater quarry, Cerigg sends the manikin to trail it, where it is promptly swallowed up into oblivion. The unfortunate automaton's sacrifice having gleaned you useful knowledge, you draw within a safe distance of the hollow to investigate further. Things take a turn for the unexpected when you hear a voice coming from beyond the hollow. At Cerigg's suggestion, you channel your aether into the gaping void to serve as a beacon, and are astonished to see a boy emerge from the other side. Unsure what to make of the situation, you decide to return to Mord Souq with Cerigg to tend to the frightened, ailing child.
  • Though somewhat lacking in experience with small children, Cerigg nevertheless vows to take care of the boy until a more suitable guardian may be found. There are numerous questions he would ask, but for now intends to see that the child is healthy and nourished. You resolve to continue to hone your skills and hope that the child soon wakes, and is able to provide you with the answers you seek.