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A Spoonful Less Sugar

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Feature Quest icon.png

A Spoonful Less Sugar

Wait on Me.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.6, Y:13.9)
Required items
1 Ishgardian tea icon1.png  Ishgardian Tea
1 Sohm al tart icon1.png  Sohm Al Tart
Experience 663,390
Gil 567
Previous quest
Wait on Me
Next quest
Looking for Some Hot Stuff

Melkoko has news for you regarding the Dellemont d'Or.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


The Sohm al tart icon1.png Sohm Al Tart is only required to be of normal quality. The
HQ Mask.png
Ishgardian tea icon1.png
Ishgardian Tea must be HQ icon.png High Quality.



  • Melkoko has news for you regarding the Dellemont d'Or.
  • An excited Melkoko informs you that the Bismarck has been selected as the venue for the Dellemont d'Or. A member of the contest council has come to the restaurant to register participants. Melkoko bids you give your name to him and make your participation official.
  • You have registered as a participant in the Dellemont d'Or. Return to Melkoko at the Missing Member.
  • Melkoko receives the report of your successful registration with approval. All that remains is to prepare for the contest, and Melkoko immediately has a challenge to help you get into form. A diner is struggling to decide upon a dessert, and your task is to prepare something to suit her palate. Seek out the diner, a steerswoman of the Sanguine Sirens, and inquire after her preferences.
  • The steerswoman explains to you her dilemma: she cannot stand sweet things, but she must learn to eat them for the sake of preserving her relationship. Bear word of the diner's unusual requirements back to Melkoko.
  • Upon hearing your report, Melkoko swiftly concludes that the steerswoman simply has an aversion to the unfamiliar. As such, rather than abiding by the customer's wishes, she suggests that you make something that is unapologetically sweet. Prepare a Sohm Al tart and a cup of Ishgardian tea, and present them to Melkoko.
  • Caving in to Melkoko's unrelenting insistence, the steerswoman gingerly samples your Sohm Al tart and Ishgardian tea. To her astonishment and delight, she finds both to be delectable. Having thus conquered her fear of sweets, she leaves in high spirits, hopeful that things will work out between her and her beau. Having now seen you in action, Melkoko looks forward to the Dellemont d'Or with even greater relish.
    • ※The next culinarian quest will be available from Melkoko upon reaching level 55.