A Pain in the Neck

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A Pain in the Neck
Type Collect Items
Location The Fringes - Virdjala (x34.4,y26.1)
Level 67
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Vira Beadmaid
Delivery NPC Vira Beadmaid
Items Needed Carved Necklace
Description Last night, under the cover of darkness, Ananta of the Qalyana tribe raided a Vira beadmaid's workshop, stealing a goodly amount of jewelry meant for a coming ritual. Having no skill in the art of war, the beadmaid seeks aid in the recovery of her livelihood.
Experience 100,845
Gil 385
Company Seals 134
A Pain in the Neck is a level 67 Collect Items FATE in The Fringes - Virdjala (x34.4,y26.1).

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