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A Hunter's True Nature

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A Hunter's True Nature

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Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:31.6, Y:22.9)
Quest line
The Dravanian Forelands Quests

Experience 13,065
Gil 533
Previous quest
Pest Control
A Step in the Right Direction
Garbage Duty
Next quest
Smells Like Team Spirit

Hervoix has a bone to pick with O'bhen Tia.

— In-game description





  • Speak with O'bhen Tia
  • Search for Hervoix and rescue him if he is in danger.
  • Meet with Hervoix.


  • Hervoix has a bone to pick with O'bhen Tia.
  • With his tasks finally complete, Hervoix decides he will no longer tolerate this treatment from O'bhen Tia, and rushes off to finally say his piece. Follow him and speak with O'bhen Tia to hear what is sure to be a profanity-laced tirade.
  • Hervoix finally builds up the courage to vent his frustrations to O'bhen Tia, but the chief interrupts the poor hunter and runs off in pursuit of reported outlaws. Nonetheless, Hervoix is determined to get his word in and follows after O'bhen Tia, throwing caution to the wind. Go after Hervoix and make sure he does not fall prey to the cunning outlaws.
  • You come upon Hervoix as he is being beset on by a renegade hunter. You fell your adversary after a brief skirmish, and Hervoix thanks you for your rescue. Unsurprisingly, you find out this incident was the first time Hervoix had ever been in a fight. Hervoix proceeds deeper into the forest in pursuit of O'bhen Tia─follow him and make sure he is not attacked again.
  • After following Hervoix's trail, you come upon O'bhen Tia and several other hunters among the remnants of a recently abandoned outlaw camp. Hervoix expresses confusion as to why these hunters have earned the ire of Tailfeather, and in response O'bhen Tia finally elucidates the purpose of the tasks he sent Hervoix out to do. The chocobo hunters of Tailfeather respect the natural balance of the Chocobo Forest, while acknowledging the fact that without the birds, their livelihoods would disappear. As such, they are loath to tolerate hunters that disrupt the delicate order to make easy coin. The tasks assigned by O'bhen Tia were meant to give Hervoix a deeper understanding of the Tailfeather philosophy. Hervoix, surprised at the deep consideration displayed by his chief, accidentally lets slip that it was actually you who performed the tasks O'bhen Tia had requested. However, with any luck, and a large heaping of punishment, Hervoix will be able to use this newfound knowledge to further his growth as a hunter, and possibly find the motivation to complete even the most menial of tasks with his own two hands.