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A Familial Resemblance

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A Familial Resemblance

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:8.7, Y:7.8)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Experience 0
Gil 648
Previous quest
Side QuestThrough the Grapevine
Next quest
Side QuestFinding Ulaa

Briardien is eager to continue his investigation.

— In-game description



  • Briardien is eager to continue his investigation.
  • Briardien declares that he will continue investigating your newest leads into the whereabouts of the missing Ulaa. In the meantime, he requests that you speak with some of the seminarians once more─namely his sister, Blaisie and the group she has been assisting with their own search. Though he is loath to admit it, the inspector seems to think that the youths may have noticed something you have overlooked thus far. But before you can learn what Blaisie knows, you will have to find her...
  • No one at the scholasticate seems to know exactly where Blaisie can be found, but a number of seminiarians suggest that if you find Theomocent, she will not be far behind. As the young man is said to be somewhere in the vicinity of the Arc of the Venerable, that would seem to be the ideal location to begin your search.
  • You find Blaisie hiding behind a fountain, watching as Theomocent and his friends make their inquiries. Startled by your sudden appearance, she struggles to explain her behavior, but regains her composure upon realizing who you are. After introducing herself as Briardien's younger sister, she correctly deduces the purpose for which you have come and produces a scroll of considerable length containing countless testimonies she recently transcribed in an effort to ascertain the whereabouts of Ulaa.
  • Just as Blaisie is about to turn the scroll over to you, however, Theomocent, Leigh, and Crammevoix suddenly appear, and you find yourselves reviewing the many accounts together. Yet you are unable to read even half of Blaisie's accounts before Leigh grows frustrated at their apparent lack of relevant information. Whether or not they contain aught of value remains to be seen, but that is for Briardien to decide, as the seminarians are more than happy to let the inspector sift through the endless accounts in their stead.
  • Briardien's efforts have borne fruit, it would seem, as he reveals to you that the gentleman seeking cough medicine and the tavern patron who paid his debts are likely one and the same. Once a notorious thug, now ostensibly reformed, he is rumored to have come into money and now makes a living as a traveling merchant. Needless to say, the inspector has every intention of tracking this suspect down, but he requires more information─which you are more than happy to provide in the form of Blaisie's notes. Together, you review the testimonies and eventually conclude that Mestonnaux, a merchant, has been engaged in suspicious activities. Your next course of action is thus decided: you and Briardien are to spy upon Mestonnaux, and see if he leads you to your suspect.