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Goldsmith's Guild
Goldsmiths work precious metals and stones into a multitude of accessories that appeal to the Eorzean aesthetic. Their wide-ranging finery, painstakingly fashioned from delicate metals and gemstones, can be see adorning the ears, fingers, and necks of the distinguished everywhere.

Ul'dahn goldsmiths always have a ready supply of raw materials, owing to the vast mineral resources of Thanalan. Due to the high value of these resources, however, most artisans also make it their business to stay abreast of market trends.
Game Description
Goldsmith's Guild

Goldsmith is a crafting or disciples of hand class that uses metals and gems to create accessories such as rings, earrings and necklaces. Goldsmith is reliant on miners for ores and gemstones. Goldsmiths can craft staves and scepters for thaumaturges and hora for pugilists. They can also make needles for weavers, accessories such as rings, earrings and bracelets for all classes and head gear such as circlets and spectacles for casters and crafters.

  • Tiers: Copper, Brass, Silver, Mythril, Electrum

The Goldsmith's Guild is located in Ul'dah.

  • To become a goldsmith, talk to the goldsmith's guild receptionist when you're level 10 or higher on another class.


Goldsmith Actions

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Action Icon Level CP Cost Description
Basic Synthesis Basic synthesis goldsmith.png 1 0 Increases progress. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 90%
Basic Touch Basic touch goldsmith.png 5 18 Increases quality. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 70%
Master's Mend Masters mend.png 7 92 Restores item durability by 30.
Steady Hand Steady hand.png 9 22 Improves action success rate by 20% for the next five steps.
Inner Quiet Inner quiet.png 11 18 Grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality.
Observe Observe.png 13 14 Do nothing for one step.
Manipulation Manipulation.png 15 88 Restores 5 points of durability after each step for the next ten steps.
Standard Touch Standard touch goldsmith.png 18 32 Increases quality. Efficiency: 125% Success Rate: 80%
Great Strides Great strides.png 21 32 Doubles efficiency of next Touch action. Effect active for three steps.
Master's Mend II Masters mend ii.png 25 160 Restores item durability by 60.
Standard Synthesis Stanard synthesis goldsmith.png 31 15 Increases progress. Efficiency: 150% Success Rate: 90%
Flawless Synthesis Flawless synthesis.png 37 15 Increases progress by 40. Success Rate: 90%
Advanced Touch Advanced touch goldsmith.png 43 48 Increases quality. Efficiency: 150% Success Rate: 90%
Innovation Innovation.png 50 18 Increases control by 30% for the next five steps.


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