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Weaver's Guild
Weavers create fiber and fabric from base materials before using them to sew and stitch the vast array of garments worn by all. From fiber to thread, thread to cloth, cloth to dress, the path of these artisans literally weaves its way from basic beginnings to extravagant ends.

Just as the Spinner, Nymeia, spins the fates of all Eorzeans, the warp and weft of a weaver's work, too, have been known to alter the course of destinies both large and small. This holds truest in the city-state of Ul’dah, where appearances are considered akin to reality, and where master weavers wield tremendous influence.
Game Description
Weaver's Guild
Weaver Actions

Weaver is a crafting or disciple of hand class that utilizes fabric and fiber to create cloth armor. Cloth armor is weaker than plate and leather. Weavers can make armor for crafting classes, gathering classes and casters. They also make light armor with strength and dexterity.

  • Tiers: Hemp, Cotton, Velveteen, Linen, Wool, Felt

The Weaver's Guild is located in Ul'dah.

  • To become a weaver, talk to the weaver's guild receptionist when you're level 10 or higher on another class.


Weaver Actions

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Action Icon Level CP Cost Description
Basic Synthesis Basic synthesis weaver.png 1 0 Increases progress. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 90%
Basic Touch Basic touch weaver.png 5 24 Increases quality. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 70%
Master's Mend Masters mend.png 7 92 Restores item durability by 30.
Steady Hand Steady hand.png 9 22 Improves action success rate by 20% for the next five steps.
Inner Quiet Inner quiet.png 11 18 Grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality.
Observe Observe.png 13 14 Do nothing for one step.
Careful Synthesis Careful synthesis.png 15 0 Increases progress. Efficiency: 90% Success Rate: 100%
Standard Touch Standard touch weaver.png 18 32 Increases quality. Efficiency: 125% Success Rate: 80%
Great Strides Great strides.png 21 32 Doubles efficiency of next Touch action. Effect active for three steps.
Master's Mend II Masters mend ii.png 25 160 Restores item durability by 60.
Standard Synthesis Standard synthesis weaver.png 31 15 Increases progress. Efficiency: 150% Success Rate: 90%
Brand of Lightning Brand of lightning.png 37 15 Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is lightning. Efficiency: 100% (200%) Success Rate: 90%

Note: In game tooltip states the wrong affinity (Wind). Action actually gets double efficiency for lightning.

Advanced Touch Advanced touch weaver.png 43 48 Increases quality. Efficiency: 150% Success Rate: 90%
Careful Synthesis II Careful synthesis ii.png 50 0 Increases progress. Efficiency: 120% Success Rate: 100%


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