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The Kingdom of Ivalice was an ancient civilization featured in the Return to Ivalice Alliance raid series, and the setting of a legend called "the Zodiac Brave Story." It allegedly existed on Hydaelyn in the lands of modern-day Dalmasca, and contained a number of cities such as Lesalia. For several millennia, records of the kingdom of Ivalice were predominantly lost to the ages, only surviving in myths and tales passed down eventually to families in the modern-day Garlean Empire.


Holy Ydoran Empire

A cruel and tyrannical empire that ruled over several Kingdoms, including Ivalice, from its capital city of Mullonde. It's primary religious organization was a polytheistic faith called The Church of Glabados.

Ultima, the High Seraph

See also: Ultima, The High Seraph

A "divine" entity that legends portray as an important servant of the Ydoran gods.

The Zodiac Braves

The "Zodiac Brave Story" is the name commonly used to refer to the original, popular legend about a band heroes who saved Ivalice. The Zodiac Braves (as an organization) are considered synonymous with legends of Ivalice, and versions of this legend were passed down over generations, which allowed it to survive and become popular among present-day Garleans. The Braves' legend centers on this idea that, whenever Ivalice was threatened, twelve blessed heroes known as Zodiac Braves would emerge to restore Light to the kingdom.[1] There are a great many retellings of this legend with their own dramatic deviations, and the lack of historic evidence for the events of the story means that most of them are likely untrustworthy.[2]

The first band of Zodiac Braves opposed the reign of the Ydoran Empire, led by Ajora Glabados, who would come to be regarded as Saint Ajora, the First Zodiac Brave. This cohort of Braves was the first to summon Ultima, The High Seraph, and used her to destroy the Ydoran capitol city of Mullonde. In fear of Ultima's power, the Braves eventually sealed the ruins of Mullonde with Ultima still inside.[3]

At least eight times, further bands of Zodiac Braves would descend upon the land when times were at their bleakest to save Ivalice from destruction, each time led by a single charismatic man or woman that would see balance restored to the world. The names of four of these leaders are revealed within the Raid and published works: Müllenkamp the star seer, Saint Ajora (a.k.a. Ajora Glabados), the assassin Ashley, and King Delita.[4][1]

The most popular story follows the tale of Delita Heiral, the eventual King of Ivalice, and one of the Zodiac Braves of his era. The plot of this story is generally as follows:

The Zodiac Brave Story

Following the death of its king, Ivalice's long-standing Atkascha dynasty finds itself without an heir. A destructive war of succession begins that would later be known as "the War of the Lions" due to its two combatant factions: the Order of the Northern Sky under the banner of the White Lion, and the Order of the Southern Sky under the Black Lion. The War causes the deaths of thousands and eventually reaches a stalemate, before a common-born man named Delita Heiral sets out with eleven of his most trusted companions to bring order to the realm; together, this group of twelve heroes become the Zodiac Braves of their era. Delita, in spite of his common heritage, eventually unites the land and becomes its regent. He later becomes king by marrying Princess Ovelia Atkascha, who belonged to the same line as the previous Ivalician king.[5]

The rendition of this legend by the Majestic Theater Company is supposedly very different. One major difference being that the timeline of the War is also supposedly when Ultima attempted to free herself, using the power of Auracite to corrupt the leaders of the warring factions in pursuit of her own goals.[3] Within the Raid dialogue alone, it is unclear if Ultima's role in manipulating the conflict makes an appearance in other versions of the popular legends.

The Durai Papers

A set of documents written in the "High Ivalician" language, authored by a man named Orram Durai. The contents of these writings both support the claim that Ivalice was real, and dispute the accuracy of the legend, describing the events and actions of key characters very differently from their legendary portrayals. Most importantly, the papers claim that multiple heroes were responsible for the deeds that are credited in the legend to Delita Heiral alone, including Ramza Beoulve, who the Papers claim to be the true leader of the Zodiac Braves during that time.

Main article: The Durai Papers

Goug and Ridorana

The Clockwork City of Goug was a metallic metropolis wherein airships, automata, and other technological marvels of the age were first concieved. [6] The legendary city was built on a very limited amount of land, forcing its inhabitant to build up, rather than out.[7] An explosion left half the city in ruin, leading to its abandonment. The explosion was powerful enough to undermine a portion of the seabed, creating a gap that would slowly become wider over the passing of ages, becoming what the present day knows as the Ridorana Cataract.[7] The Ridorana Lighthouse was later built over the city's ruins.[8] Modern theorists suggest that the Garleans are descended in part from the displaced citizens of Goug, their reasoning being that Goug's technological prowess would explain how the Empire was forging armies of Iron even before the discovery and application of Allagan technology. It would also explain why the legend of Ivalice became so popular in Garlemald for centuries, in spite of the kingdom being so distantly located.[9]

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