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Welcome to Their Jungle

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Welcome to Their Jungle

Quest giver
Kugane (X:10.0, Y:12.1)
Quest line
Return to Ivalice

Experience 0
Gil 1,408
Previous quest
The Path of Most Resistance
Next quest
The City of Lost Angels

Montblanc is eager to return to the Prima Vista and report on your findings.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Ramza in the tiring room.
  • Speak with Lina Mewrilah.
  • Speak with Bwagi down at Kugane Landing.
  • Speak with Lina Mewrilah near the Ruby Bazaar.
  • Return to the Prima Vista.
  • Speak with Ramza.
  • Speak with Jenomis.


  • How Montblanc made it back to the tiring room is a mystery best left unsolved.
  • Despite little chance for success, you contact several of your closest companions and present them with Fran's demands. To your surprise, Hancock responds almost immediately and summons you to the Ruby Bazaar to discuss business.
  • While Lina seems enthusiastic enough, you, on the other hand, are not as optimistic as the reporter as to how this will all play out.
  • Bwagi insists that he accompany you to the Ruby Bazaar. It is almost as if he knows something you do not.
  • For reasons each their own, the East Aldenard Trading Company, the Eorzean Alliance, and Lord Hien all refuse to meet the demands of the Dalmascan resistance. According to Bwagi, however, this is exactly what Fran expected, and the Bangaa says as much before trotting off back to his airship.
  • Disappointed that your efforts have been for naught, you regroup with your companions to decide a new plan of action. It is at this time the Lady Fran appears, explaining that the leader of Lente's Tears has commanded her to guide you to the Orbonne Monastery. However, before you can depart, Alma is possessed by the Otius and drawn into a dark portal of unknown origin. To save her, you must finally journey to the Golmore Jungle.
  • Mikoto's device allows Ramza to free his sister from Ultima's portal, but cannot stop Ramza from being swallowed by the magicked rift. Jenomis will not be pleased with the day's results.
  • Jenomis is in shock at the loss of his only son. There must be some means of saving the boy, but for now, you must wait.

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