U Don't Know Me

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U Don't Know Me

Quest giver
U'khuba Tia
Southern Thanalan (X:14.2, Y:30.0)

Experience 3,200
Gil 1,650
Previous quest
Mind Games

U'khuba Tia is looking at you with a very cross expression.

— In-game description




  • Deliver the angler-filled sacks to U'kahzuna.


  • U'khuba Tia is looking at you with a very cross expression.
  • U'khuba Tia seems ill pleased by your communion with U'tykha Tia, convinced that outsiders should not interfere with U tribe affairs. Carry word of his displeasure to U'tykha Tia.
  • After speaking with U'tyka Tia, you have learned that he is more concerned about the novice U'kahzuna's well-being than he is U'khuba Tia's opinion of him. To ensure that she has not been too wounded by U'khuba Tia's critiques, seek out U'kahzuna in the Minotaur Malm and inquire as to her mental state.
  • You arrive in the Minotaur Malm to find a new U'kahzuna, brimming with vigor. All she seems to require from you are three dune anglers. Proceed into the Sagolii Desert, and use empty angler-sized sacks on them once they have been sufficiently weakened.
  • You are now the proud owner of three sacks full of angry fish monsters. Deliver the catch to U'kahzuna in the Minotaur Malm.
  • A newly serene U'kahzuna has revealed that she is using the enfeebled anglers for archery practice on the advice of U'khuba Tia. Report this astonishing development to U'tykha Tia.
  • U'tykha Tia and U'khuba Tia-- surprisingly alike in their devotion to the tribe, but malms apart in all else. Who will become the next nunh, and what will it mean for Forgotten Springs? One thing is fo sure: armed with new focus forged by U'tykha Tia and a new weapon furnished by U'khuba Tia, U'kahzuna stalks a brighter future.