The Seashells He Sells

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The Seashells He Sells
Type Escort
Location The Tempest - The Caliban Gorge (x29.2,y29.9)
Level 79
Duration  ?m
Starting NPC Mewshs Laan
Enemies Purpure Nauplius, Elder Nauplius
Description Mewshs Laan is hoping to gather shells in Purpure, and as luck would have it, the cavern he has chosen is full of predatory naupliuses. Unless he is accompanied by a capable bodyguard, he is sure to be torn to shreds by the highly aggressive gastropods.
Experience 369,000
Gil 158
Bicolor Gemstones 12
The Seashells He Sells is a level 79 Escort FATE in The Tempest - The Caliban Gorge (x29.2,y29.9).

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