The Little Postmoogle That Could

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The Little Postmoogle That Could

The Little Postmoogle That Could.png
Quest giver
Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:10.4, Y:11.3)
Quest line
Delivery Moogle Quests
Experience 0
Gil 5,000

The Deputy Postmoogle would entrust you with a missive to a certain Seedseer.

— In-game description





  • The deputy postmoogle would entrust you with a missive to a certain Seedseer.
  • The deputy postmoogle expresses his concern for two of his most recent recruits who are about to embark on their first delivery assignments. He has compiled copious notes of advice, which he would have you deliver to Raya-O-Senna at Camp Tranquil, where she watches over the two aspiring postmoogles.
  • You deliver the letter to Raya-O-Senna, but it is too late to benefit the two moogles, who have already flown off on their missions. Fearing for their safety, the Seedseer entreats you to escort them safely to their destinations. Seek out the first moogle in the vicinity of Quarrymill and /rally his spirits.
  • Heartened by your words, the moogle summons the strength to carry on toward his destination, while admitting that he may be unable to sustain the sentiment for long. Follow him to the South Shroud near Buscarron's Druthers and /cheer him up should he require encouragement.
  • The moogle once again musters his courage and sets off for his destination. Follow him to Buscarron's Druthers and speak with him again there.
  • Your charge succeeds in delivering the letter to Buscarron, who is pleasantly surprised when the moogle, in his anxiety, appears before him in plain sight. Concerned upon hearing of the deputy postmoogle's plight, the tavern keeper promises to keep an ear out for any information that might serve to aid his recovery. In return, he entrusts you with a letter for Baderon of Limsa Lominsa's Drowning Wench, which was mistakenly delivered to the wrong establishment. Identifying the letter as having been delivered by his brash and overconfident brother, the young postmoogle asks you to watch over him as well. Make for the Gridania airship landing, from which the presumptuous postmoogle is scheduled to depart.
  • The postmoogle insists that he requires no assistance, while saying that you are free to follow him if you wish. To assuage his brother's fears, follow him to Limsa Lominsa and speak with him at the airship landing there.
  • The postmoogle appears overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Limsa Lominsa, though he strongly denies it. Follow your fellow carrier-in-training to the Drowning Wench to see that the letter to Baderon is safely delivered.
  • The moogle was clearly more intimidated by the burly barkeep than he admitted to being, as─not unlike his more timid brother─he blows his cover upon delivering the letter to Baderon, who promises to do what he can to help the deputy postmoogle in his time of need. Taking great pride in his success, the young moogle delegates to you the honor of reporting his deeds to Raya-O-Senna. Journey to the Sanctum in the East Shroud and do as you will.
  • Raya-O-Senna is overjoyed to hear that the two young moogles have successfully completed their task. Though the deputy postmoogle's wounds will yet require time to heal, A-Ruhn-Senna has new ideas that may expedite the recovery process. In the meanwhile, the exploits of the two young moogles have apparently inspired countless young moogles to pursue a career in letter carrying. In recognition of your efforts, the deputy postmoogle names you a full-fledged member of his ranks. Though he has decided to prioritize the training of his new recruits for the time being, the day will surely come again that he requires your aid. Keep your legs strong, and your letter sack ever at the ready!