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The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois

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The Life and Lies of Father Saturnois

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:10.5, Y:9.8)
Quest line
Scholasticate Quests
Experience 0
Gil 5,000
Previous quest
Letters from No One

A satisfied smirk steals across Briardien's face, as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

— In-game description





  • A satisfied smirk steals across Briardien's face, as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
  • Briardien's astute deductions lead you to a clear, if startling, conclusion: that the perpetrator of these crimes has been in front of you this whole time. All clues point to Lebrassoir de Bonfaurt being the culprit, but without evidence to support your suspicions, there is no way to absolve Archombadin of his perceived guilt. When all seems lost, Theomocent steps forth with a plan as to how he might obtain a confession from your suspect. He asks that you accompany him to Dzemael Manor, where both Archombadin and his fast friend have taken shelter.
  • Thanks to Theomocent's ingenious ploy, you manage to trick Lebrassoir into confessing to his crimes. He proudly reveals that, spurred by long-held grievances against House Dzemael, he was the one who set in motion the turmoil that has taken hold of the scholasticate. Funneling a portion of the Dzemael heir's inheritance towards financing Ulaa's kidnapping, he then stirred up the rumors that Archombadin was to blame, and distributed the letters to strike the proverbial final blow. Though you may have finally ascertained the truth, the hour of the hearing which will determine Archombadin's fate is at hand, and Theomocent fears that events might take a further twist. Quickly make your way to the deacon's quarters with Lebrassoir in tow, that the truth might be presented before the council and Archombadin cleared of the false charges.
  • Soon after Lebrassoir confesses to his crimes before the deacon and Father Saturnois, Briardien bursts in with Temple Knight guards at either side. Pointing his finger at the scholasticate priest, he tells you that it was Saturnois who manipulated Lebrassoir into carrying out his schemes and that he is not the man he claims to be. Having suffered for years isolated from the outside world, and forced to work for Her Holy Body of Decency as a watchman consigned to monitor the expurgators─a terrible fate reserved solely for orphans who graduate from the scholasticate and enter the Holy See─he had intended to create a scandal so large, the outrage it would spark in the community would force the scholasticate into closure. He believed the establishment's demise would right the some of the wrongs committed against him and others like him. While Archombadin's name has been cleared and it is clear he will not be expelled, Saturnois' revelation causes the deacon to question if the school itself should remain open. At the behest of the students, however, she instead holds a public hearing and divulges to the people of Ishgard the terrible tragedy suffered by both expurgator and watchman. Having turned over a new leaf by speaking the truth, the residents of the scholasticate are hopeful that it will rekindle the peoples' faith in their institution.
  • Briardien bids you thanks along with all the students of the scholasticate and tells you he will be swinging by Ul'dah to see someone special before moving on to solve his next mystery. While there is no doubt the students are sad to see the both of you go, they send you off with heartfelt goodbyes and promise you that when you next return to Ishgard, they will have seen to it that the scholasticate has retaken its place as the nation's top establishment of higher learning.