The Ladle in the Darkness

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

The Ladle in the Darkness

Quest giver
Cracked Fist
Northern Thanalan (X:22, Y:29)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
3  Basilisk Meat
3  Basilisk Stew
Experience 28,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
A Hero in Need
Next quest
All upon the Watchtowers
Crate Expectations

Sergeant Cracked Fist needs a hero to make a stew.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Watch the bubbling cauldron.
  • Scoop stew from the bubbling cauldron.


  • Desperate to raise the garrison's floundering morale, Sergeant Cracked Fist has taken a lesson from Gridanian history,and humbly requests that you make a stew and distribute it among the troops. First, obtain the three required chunks of basilisk meat.
  • You have obtaiend enough basilisk meat. Take it to the cookfire just outside Camp Bluefog's northern gate, and ad it to the bubbling cauldron.
  • It will take a little while for the meat to be cooked through. Watch the cauldron until the stew is ready.
  • Your keen instincts tell you that the basilisk stew is now ready. Scoop it from the bubbling cauldron.
  • You have three steaming bowls of basilisk stew expertly balanced in your hans. Make your way around Camp Bluefog and give them to the neediest soldiers.
  • You have doled out all the basilisk stew, which seems to have had the desired effect. Report your success to Sergeant Cracked Fist.
  • A jubilant Sergeant Cracked Fist thanks you for inspiriting his troops. They now remember their purpose, and stand ready to do their part in the impending phase of the operation.