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The Icepick Challenge

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The Icepick Challenge

Plenty More Fish in the Sea.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Required items
3  Icepick
Experience 1,555,200
Gil 923
Previous quest
Plenty More Fish in the Sea
Next quest
Invasion of the Supper Snatchers

Ansaulme is eager to share some exciting information with a fellow fisher.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Go to the "Unfrozen Pond" at (X:21.8, Y:11.5) and use "Patience" and "Precision Hookset" to catch it.



  • Ansaulme is eager to share some exciting information with a fellow fisher.
  • News has reached Ansaulme that a school of icepicks, fish as defiant as they are delicious, has been sighted in a secluded fishing hole in the Coerthas western highlands. Eager to show you the sights of his homeland, as well as pit his wits against such a fractious fish, he bids you meet with him by the north entrance of Falcon's Nest, whence he will guide you to the fishing hole in question.
  • You make the appointed rendezvous with Ansaulme, only to learn that he has already been to the fishing hole and back. While awaiting your arrival, a fellow fisher named Reyna engaged him in a fish-off─a competition that he duly lost, catching only a single high-quality icepick to Reyna's two. Eager to silence the fisherwoman's taunts, he asks you to catch three high-quality icepicks to steal Reyna's thunder. The fish can be found in an unfrozen pond in the Gorgagne Holding, to the north of Falcon's Nest.
  • You dutifully deliver the trio of icepicks to Ansaulme, beating Reyna's record and confirming your place at the top table of the fishing fraternity. As a reward for your efforts, Reyna tells you a tale of a chocobo hunter who angled from a floating island, opening your eyes to a new way of fishing. The bait Ansaulme gave you as his own reward may serve you well should you wish to try your hand at cloudfishing, and pluck fish from the skies themselves.

※The next fisher quest will be available from Ansaulme upon reaching level 55.

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