The Horns of the Green

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The Horns of the Green

Way of the Goldsmith.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10, Y:13)
Required items
1 Horn staff icon1.png  Horn Staff
Experience 156,310
Gil 0
Previous quest
Mammets on Fire
Next quest
The Fox in the Hen House

Serendipity has another commission for you.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Serendipity has another commission for you.
  • Once again, Roroton has decided to request your services by name. Craft a high-quality horn staff and present it to Serendipity for inspection.
  • Gigi and Serendipity both agree that your growth as a goldsmith is undeniable. Since you have not spoken with Roroton in some time, Serendipity suggests that you deliver the staff in person. Seek out the merchant at the Ruby Road Exchange in the Steps of Nald.
  • Roroton is happy to see you again, and is surprised that you have already finished the staff. Your conversation soon turns to the topic of the Jade Fox, a legendary thief and master of disguise rumored to have come to Ul'dah. Roroton urges you and your guildmates to be careful, as the Jade Fox is known to have a penchant for fine jewelry. Report to Serendipity at the Goldsmiths' Guild and inform her that the commission is complete.
  • Serendipity congratulates you on another successful assignment, and echoes Roroton's warning about the Jade Fox. However, she states that you need not worry about any commissions made through the Goldsmiths' Guild, as she will personally scrutinize each and every customer. Whether or not her confidence is justified remains to be seen...
  • The next goldsmith quest will be available from Serendipity upon reaching level 45."