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The Heart of a Dragon

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The Heart of a Dragon

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Quest giver
Kal Myhk
The Dravanian Forelands (X:18.2, Y:26.1)

Experience 28,800
Gil 626
Previous quest
Between Friends and Family
Next quest
Let Bygones Be Bygones

Kal Myhk looks at you with a sense of unease.

— In-game description




  • Try to /soothe Kal Myhk's fearful mind.
  • Speak with Gullinkambi.
  • Speak with Kal Myhk.
  • Meet Kal Myhk on the mountain path.
  • Follow Kal Myhk up the mountain.
  • Follow Kal Myhk further up the mountain.
  • Follow Kal Myhk down the mountain.
  • Search for the lost records.
  • Show the begrimed tablet to Kal Myhk.
  • Take the begrimed tablet to Gullinkambi.


  • Kal Myhk looks at you with a sense of unease.
  • The retelling of his brother's brush with death at the hands of men has left Kal Myhk conflicted. Though he has enjoyed your time together, he now wonders if you would have slain him had you met under different circumstances. Do what you can to /soothe him and cast aside his fearful thoughts.
  • You manage to calm down Kal Myhk. Though he will not deny what happened to his brother, you have helped him understand that not all men are evil. Freed from the burdens of fear and doubt, he wants to find a way to help his brother heal. He suggests speaking with his mother in the tower of Anyx Trine.
  • You speak with Gullinkambi hoping to find a method for rehabilitating dragons. She tells you that dragons have always followed the natural order of things. However, she also recalls a man who created drugs that proved effective in healing dragons. Records of his work may still exist somewhere in the Abalathai Foothills. Speak with Kal Myhk and discuss your next course of action.
  • Gullinkambi was not clear in where to find the records you need, but Kal Myhk believes he has seen the ruins she spoke of. Meet with him outside on the path up the mountain.
  • Following the path up the Abalathia Foothills, you find Kal Myhk where the path splits in opposite directions. He urges you upward, and moves ahead to make certain of where to go next. Take the path upward and search for Kal Myhk.
  • You find Kal Myhk further up the mountainside, and he says you are nearly there. Follow Kal Myhk up the narrow path once more.
  • You find Kal Myhk at the end of the path, but there is no sign of the ruins you seek. He tells you that, rather than climb up, you must now climb down the mountainside to a new path. Make your way down the mountainside and follow the path to find Kal Myhk.
  • You follow yet another path along the mountainside and find Kal Myhk standing before the ruins from his mother's story. Search the building for signs of the missing records.
  • You find a tablet amidst the rubble. The letters are faded, but you are certain it holds the information you need. Show Kal Myhk what you found.
  • You show the begrimed tablet to Kal Myhk, and he is excited to be one step closer to helping his brother. Return to Anyx Trine and show the tablet to his mother.
  • You present the tablet to Gullinkambi, and after briefly examining it, she confirms you have found the lost records. With the tablet in hand, you can at last grant succor to Kal Myhk's brother.

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