The Azim Steppe Sidequests

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See also: Othard Sidequests
Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks Rewards
Silent Banquet Sidequest 65 Oroniri Youth
Who Needs Words Sidequest 65 Khaishan
Rip-off Reunion Sidequest 65 Tamachag
Merchant for a Day Sidequest 65 Baidur
You Buuz, You Lose Sidequest 65 Chambui
Fishing for Customers Sidequest 65 Uto
Purbol Rain Feature quest 65 Adarkim Warrior
Stranger Danger Sidequest 65 Togene
Words Are Very Unnecessary Feature quest 65 Tamachag
Aether Current
Aether Current
Words Are Trivial Sidequest 65 Gascot
1 Star spinel ring of fending icon1.png  Star Spinel Ring of Fending
1 Star spinel ring of slaying icon1.png  Star Spinel Ring of Slaying
1 Star spinel ring of aiming icon1.png  Star Spinel Ring of Aiming
3 Savage might materia v icon1.png  Savage Might Materia V
Words Are Meaningless Sidequest 65 Gascot
Enjoy the Silence Sidequest 65 Cotota
1 Star spinel ring of healing icon1.png  Star Spinel Ring of Healing
1 Star spinel ring of casting icon1.png  Star Spinel Ring of Casting
3 Savage aim materia v icon1.png  Savage Aim Materia V
Oh Matron Sidequest 65 Mol Maiden
A Dicey Situation Sidequest 65 Buqatai
Absolute Faith Sidequest 65 Nigen
Silence of the Lambs Sidequest 65 Cotan
Keeping the Faith Sidequest 65 Nigen
Tent That Rocked Sidequest 65 Caur
Sacred Sweeping Sidequest 65 Ujin 1 Warriors stew icon1.png  Warrior's Stew
Sheep Snatcher Feature quest 65 Sukegei
Aether Current
Aether Current
And Dzo It Goes Sidequest 65 Nigen
Shop till the Warrior of Light Drops Sidequest 65 Mol Maiden
The Judgment Sidequest 65 Abaka
A Warm Welcome Sidequest 65 Ogodei
The Fingers of Azim Sidequest 65 Charakha
The Ideal Budugan Warrior Sidequest 65 Budugan Warrior
The Lights That Guide Us Home Sidequest 65 Guyug
The World Without Her Sidequest 66 Sorocan
Spoils of War Sidequest 66 Yabuqa
Broken Flowers Sidequest 66 Oroniri Hunter
Forty Years and Counting Feature quest 66 Esugen
Aether Current
Aether Current
Chasing Rainbows Sidequest 66 Esugen
The Tournament Sidequest 66 Esugen
The Strongest Among Us Sidequest 66 Esugen 1 Jhammel moussaka icon1.png  Jhammel Moussaka
Welcome to the Family Sidequest 66 Unbloodied Dotharl
Brainy Bears Sidequest 66 Dagasi
Child's Play Sidequest 66 Dotharli Warrior
Dastardly Diremites Sidequest 66 Agujam
Nhaama's Sweet Embrace Sidequest 66 Dotharli Youth 3 Heavens eye materia v icon1.png  Heavens' Eye Materia V
Mauci of the Seven Worries Feature quest 66 Mauci
Aether Current
Aether Current
Watch and Learn Sidequest 66 Mauci
The Power of the Fist Sidequest 66 Khulan 3 Quickarm materia v icon1.png  Quickarm Materia V
Do or Die Sidequest 66 Khulan
1 Azurite choker of fending icon1.png  Azurite Choker of Fending
1 Azurite choker of slaying icon1.png  Azurite Choker of Slaying
1 Azurite choker of aiming icon1.png  Azurite Choker of Aiming
3 Savage aim materia v icon1.png  Savage Aim Materia V
Hungry Like the Wolf Sidequest 66 Kishiligh
1 Azurite choker of healing icon1.png  Azurite Choker of Healing
1 Azurite choker of casting icon1.png  Azurite Choker of Casting
3 Savage might materia v icon1.png  Savage Might Materia V
Ibakha Dreams of Birds Sidequest 66 Bujir
The Melody of Ceol Aen Sidequest 66 Caalun
Food Glorious Food Sidequest 66 Ibakha
Spelunker of Light Sidequest 66 Uyagiri Youth
Wouldn't Hurt a Fly Sidequest 66 Mild-mannered Mol
Honor in Victory Sidequest 66 Bujeg
A Sheep to Fly For Sidequest 66 Jenkshi
Steppe of Hard Knocks Sidequest 66 Maqali