The Amity Village Horror

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The Amity Village Horror
Type Defend
Location Kholusia - Scree (x18.6,y19.1)
Level 78
Duration 15m
Enemies Hobgoblin Robber
Description Amity's storage chests rarely store anything on account of their contents constantly being plundered by pilfering persons-if one might call a hobgoblin a "person"-which they most certainly are not. The settlement's residents have sought help in the past to solve their hob-problem, but alas the chests still lie bare. Though, perhaps this time will be different!
Experience 351,000
Gil 156
Bicolor Gemstones 12
The Amity Village Horror is a level 78 Defend FATE in Kholusia - Scree (x18.6,y19.1).

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