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This template creates an icon for the type of currency. Each currency is defined in a separate template. This template is not meant to be use directly if the currency is defined in its own template. If the currency isn't defined, a default currency icon is generated.



Unnamed parameter 1
Value of currency to prefix to the icon.
Unnamed parameter 2
Name of the currency article. This is the article the icon links to.
The file to use as the icon, include the extension. Defaults to {{{2}}}.png.
Optional. If set, this parameter will display the name of the item. Only works for irregular currencies not listed below.


Currency Code Icon
Gil {{gil}} Gil
Company seal {{company seal}} Company seal
Manderville Gold Saucer points {{MGP}} MGP
Red crafters' scrip {{scrip|red crafter}} Red Crafters' Scrip
Yellow crafters' scrip {{scrip|yellow crafter}} Yellow Crafters' Scrip
White crafters' scrip {{scrip|white crafter}} White Crafters' Scrip
Purple crafters' scrip {{scrip|purple crafter}} Purple Crafters' Scrip
Red gatherers' scrip {{scrip|red gatherer}} Red Gatherers' Scrip
Yellow gatherers' scrip {{scrip|yellow gatherer}} Yellow Gatherers' Scrip
White gatherers' scrip {{scrip|white gatherer}} White Gatherers' Scrip
Purple gatherers' scrip {{scrip|purple gatherer}} Purple Gatherers' Scrip
cracked planicluster {{misc|cracked planicluster}} Cracked Planicluster
cracked stellacluster {{misc|cracked stellacluster}} Cracked Stellacluster
cracked planicrystal {{misc|cracked planicrystal}} Cracked Planicrystal
cracked stellacrystal {{misc|cracked stellacrystal}} Cracked Stellacrystal
sack of nuts {{sack of nuts}} Sack of Nuts
Bicolour Gemstone {{bicolor gemstone}} Bicolor Gemstone
Faux Leaf {{faux leaf}} Faux Leaf
Achievement certificate {{achievement certificate}} Achievement Certificate
Wolf mark {{wolf mark}} Wolf Mark
Allied seal {{allied seal}} Allied Seal
Centurio seal {{centurio seal}} Centurio Seal
Sylphic goldleaf {{tribe token|sylphic goldleaf}} Sylphic Goldleaf
Rainbowtide psashp {{tribe token|rainbowtide psashp}} Rainbowtide Psashp
Titan cobaltpiece {{tribe token|titan cobaltpiece}} Titan Cobaltpiece
Ixali oaknot {{tribe token|ixali oaknot}} Ixali Oaknot
Steel amalj'ok {{tribe token|steel amalj'ok}} Steel Amalj'ok
Vanu whitebone {{tribe token|vanu whitebone}} Vanu Whitebone
Black copper gil {{tribe token|black copper gil}} Black Copper Gil
Carved kupo nut {{tribe token|carved kupo nut}} Carved Kupo Nut
Kojin sango {{tribe token|kojin sango}} Kojin Sango
Ananta dreamstaff {{tribe token|ananta dreamstaff}} Ananta Dreamstaff
Namazu koban {{tribe token|namazu koban}} Namazu Koban
Fae Fancy {{tribe token|fae fancy}} Fae Fancy
Hammered Frogment {{tribe token|hammered frogment}} Hammered Frogment
Qitari compliment {{tribe token|qitari compliment}} Qitari Compliment
Allagan tomestone of poetics {{tomestone|poetics}} Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
Allagan tomestone of verity {{tomestone|verity}} Allagan Tomestone of Verity
Allagan tomestone of creation {{tomestone|creation}} Allagan Tomestone of Creation
Allagan tomestone of mendacity {{tomestone|mendacity}} Allagan Tomestone of Mendacity
Allagan tomestone of genesis {{tomestone|genesis}} Allagan Tomestone of Genesis
Allagan tomestone of goetia {{tomestone|goetia}} Allagan Tomestone of Goetia
Allagan tomestone of phantasmagoria {{tomestone|phantasmagoria}} Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria
Allagan tomestone of allegory {{tomestone|allegory}} Allagan Tomestone of Allegory
Allagan tomestone of revelation {{tomestone|revelation}} Allagan Tomestone of Revelation
Allagan tomestone of aphorism {{tomestone|aphorism}} Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism
Allagan tomestone of astronomy {{tomestone|astronomy}} Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy
Venture {{venture}} Venture
Skybuilders Scrip {{skybuilders scrip}} Skybuilders Scrip
Bozjan Cluster {{bozjan cluster}} Bozjan Cluster
Company Credit {{company credit}} Company Credit


Currency Code Icon
Gil {{currency|1234|gil}} Gil 1,234
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics {{currency|5|Allagan Tomestone of Poetics}} Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 5
Any text; specific icon {{currency|5|Any text; specific icon|icon=Gil.png|text=y}} Gil.png 5 Any text; specific icon

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