So You Want to Be a Marauder

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So You Want to Be a Marauder

Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.0, Y:6.3)
Next quest
Feature QuestWay of the Marauder

No description available.

— In-game description


So You Want to Be a Marauder is a level 1 quasi-quest. There are no steps to this quest: Talking to the questgiver both accepts and completes the quest. It will immediately unlock Feature QuestWay of the Marauder.


Speak with Blauthota and answer "Yes" to her question.


There are no journal entries for this quest.


Blauthota: Ho there, adventurer. Curious about the Marauders' Guild, are ye?
Blauthota: Any axe worth wieldin' needs two hands on the haft an' has a blade what can chop clean through a galley's mast. That's the kind o' weapon our members train to use with deceptive swiftness an' brutal force.
Blauthota: If yer of a mind to make the marauder's art yer life's work, then our guild welcomes ye with open arms. What say ye, lad/lass? Keen to join the ranks?

Do you wish to join the Marauders' Guild?

  • No
Blauthota: That's yer choice, lad/lass—the axe ain't for everyone. May the Navigator guide ye on whichever path ye decide to set yer feet on.
  • Yes
Blauthota: Well then, here's a bit o' guild history so ye know what yer gettin' into. It all started with ships, ye see. What've ships got to do with axes, ye ask? Well, buildin' 'em would be pretty bloody difficult without a sturdy tool to lop down trees for timber.
Blauthota: An' since only the Navigator Herself knows when a ship'll run afoul of a storm or worse, it makes sense for the crew's carpenter to carry an axe on board. But any tool on a ship can become a weapon—an' the axe is perfect for hookin' yerself over the rail of an enemy vessel, lettin' loose in a whirl o' steel, an' generally layin' waste to all about ye.
Blauthota: As more seafarers took up the axe as their weapon o' choice, so did the bloody art o' the marauder begin to take shape—'specially among pirates, where strength an' skill decided yer place in the world.
Blauthota: With an eye to assemblin' crews o' battle-ready raiders, the pirates started teachin' the proper way to wield a choppin' blade to their new recruits. An' that's how the Marauders' Guild first came to be.
Blauthota: After the Galadion Accord was signed, though, the Marauders' Guild was never the same—it was taken over, restructured, an' purged of its pirate elements. It had been reborn as an institution dedicated to naught but the teachin' of axe fightin'.
Blauthota: The members o' this new Marauders' Guild weren't no greed-driven cutthroats, neither—they were warriors what sought to use their martial prowess for the good o' society.
Blauthota: Still keen, are ye? Think it over, then let me know if ye decide to join our ranks.