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Small Business, Big Dreams

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Small Business, Big Dreams

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Quest giver
Old Sharlayan (X:11.8, Y:9.8)
Quest line
Tataru's Grand Endeavor Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestNewfound Adventure
Gil 4,774
Next quest
Side QuestSoaring Profits
Side QuestAn Auspicious Opportunity
Side QuestAggressive Expansion

Mehdjina seems inordinately eager to speak with you.

— In-game description



  • Mehdjina seems inordinately eager to speak with you.
  • You are hailed by Mehdjina, freshly apprenticed to the proprietress of Tataru Taru's Boutique. The young woman has barely begun to beg your assistance in her employer's new endeavor when Tataru herself arrives with a flourish to explain her grand plan─to build trade relationships with allies across the star for the good of all. With little choice but to accept your role of impromptu salesman/saleswoman, you soon find yourself sent off to Limsa Lominsa with several sacks of product samples in tow.
  • Aboard the Astalicia, Sicard is more than happy to accept Tataru's apparel samples in return for a promise to show them off wherever the Bloody Executioners' journeys take them. In fact, as this aligns so perfectly with his crew's newfound purpose of delivering precious cargo to distant shores, he also offers to seek out new destinations for Tataru's wares─in exchange for an exclusive shipping contract, of course. He is certain that he will find Emmanellain both willing and able to assist in locating potential buyers, and no amount of gil is worth intervening in that relationship, so you simply take him at his word and inform Tataru of your success by linkpearl.
  • You travel to the Black Shroud, where you approach Gridania's best source of gossip─Mother Miounne. She advises you that A–Ruhn–Senna has been making frequent trips to the Ixali and sylphic settlements lately, and thus the most suitable place to waylay him may be the Blue Badger Gate.
  • With Miounne's guidance, you succeed in ambushing A–Ruhn–Senna with your samples. Unexpectedly, he takes to the idea of importing wares from abroad immediately, citing a newly improved understanding of the world and his place in it. With assurances that he will contact Tataru shortly, he makes for the Lotus Stand to seek the approval of the Elder Seedseer in establishing mercantile ties.
  • The last stop of your journey─for now─is Ul'dah, where you seek out Pipin at the Coliseum. He, too, accepts Tataru's wares without hesitation, expounding upon his hopes to outfit the Immortal Flames with armaments beloved and inspiring. He does, however, insist on offering Tataru something in return for her samples─settling, after some consideration, on a necklace that he but recently acquired. It transpires that the accessory once belonged to Tataru's mother, and the erstwhile coinkeeper has long searched for it in vain. Alas, it is currently in a state of utter disrepair, so you conspire with Pipin to see it reborn ere presenting it to your friend.
  • Samples seen safely into the hands of your allies, you return to Old Sharlayan. You find Mehdjina and Varsarudh eager to assist in restoring Tataru's heirloom, suggesting that you use materials acquired from the boutique's new trading partners in its crafting. For her part, Tataru is gratified to hear of the early success of her endeavor, and pleased to learn that those who joined the Ilsabardian contingent are the better for it. She promises more opportunities for you to represent the boutique abroad and forge ties that will serve all the star's people in the days to come.