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Male ♂
Mystel (Keeper of the Moon)
The Crystarium (9.7,9.1)

You're the fisher I was told to expect? Right, then. If you've got the goods, then let's have them.

— In-game description

Shue-Hann is a Mystel found in The Crystarium. Shue-Hann is not a Levemete; Eirikur issues the leves. Rather, he is the turn-in target for all Shadowbringers Fisher Leves.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Source of the Problem Levequest quest 70 Eirikur
Needs More Egg Levequest quest 70 Eirikur
Eco-Warrior of Light Levequest quest 70 Eirikur
Aetherquake Levequest quest 72 Eirikur
Full of Fish Levequest quest 72 Eirikur
Jelly Salad Levequest quest 72 Eirikur
A Cherry-red Herring Levequest quest 74 Eirikur
The Bride Aquatic Levequest quest 74 Eirikur
Faerie Fish Levequest quest 74 Eirikur
Fish for Days Levequest quest 76 Eirikur
Magic Mushrooms Levequest quest 76 Eirikur
Crab Corps Levequest quest 76 Eirikur
A Feast for the Senses Levequest quest 78 Eirikur
Deep-sea Diving Levequest quest 78 Eirikur
Short-term Gains Levequest quest 78 Eirikur

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