Run Like a Flame

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Run Like a Flame
Type Escort
Location Southern Thanalan - The Red Labyrinth (x18,y18)
Level 26
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Flame Scout
Friendly NPC Flame Scout
Enemies Amalj'aa Bruiser, Amalj'aa Seer
Description A flame scout caught spying on the Amalj'aa in Zanr'ak has escaped his captors and is making way to the aetheryte in Little Ala Mhigo so that he may relay his findings to the Hall of Flames. The Amalj'aa, however, are in close pursuit and will do anything to see that their secrets remain hidden. Protect the scout at all costs!
Rewards  ??
Run Like a Flame is a level 26 Escort FATE in Southern Thanalan - The Red Labyrinth (x18,y18).

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