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Rising Calm

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Rising Calm

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Quest giver
Kipih Jakkya
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:10.1, Y:8.8)
Quest line
The Rising (2021)
Experience 3,360
Gil 0

Kipih Jakkya is looking around in consternation.

※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Momodi at the Quicksand.
  • Speak with Severian at the Alchemists' Guild.
  • Speak with Deitrich.
  • Return to Kipih Jakkya at the Quicksand.
  • Speak with the wandering minstrel at the Ruby Road Exchange.
  • Speak with Kipih Jakkya at the Quicksand.
  • Speak with the wandering minstrel at the Ruby Road Exchange.


  • Kipih Jakkya is looking around in consternation.
    • ※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • Kipih Jakkya, reporter for Gridanian tabloid The Raven, shares with you the details of her latest potential scoop. It would seem she is hot on the trail of some mysterious figure responsible for buying up a suspicious quantity of Nymeia lilies, but needs someone familiar with Ul'dah to assist in her investigations. Perhaps the notables of the Quicksand can aid in your inquiries.
    • ※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • Mistress Momodi herself fields your questions, the description you provide reminding her of a request made by the infamous "wandering minstrel" involving the transport of a sizable cargo to the Alchemists' Guild. Although conceding the similarities may be mere coincidence, you nevertheless decide to pay a visit to Guildmaster Severian.
  • The self-absorbed Severian almost dismisses you out of hand, but at the last moment recalls a task to process a vast quantity of floral material. His brief flicker of interest in the subject soon extinguished, the guildmaster directs you to speak with the guild's steadfast receptionist, Deitrich, for the details.
  • Without revealing the nature of the finished product, Deitrich explains that the fruits of their labor are to be distributed amongst the populace over the course of the Rising. If Kipih would learn more, it seems there is no recourse left but to accost the minstrel himself. It is time to return to the Quicksand.
  • After digesting the information you brought back from the Alchemists' Guild, Kipih agrees that an "on the spot" interview is in order. According to the Quicksand's clientele, the minstrel should be preparing to put on a performance in the vicinity of the Ruby Road Exchange.
  • The wandering minstrel welcomes your questions, relieved to hear that his surprise was not inadvertently spoiled. On the contrary, rather than turn you away, the nomadic musician insists that you participate in his plan to distribute bundles of custom-made potpourri to the masses. Kipih suggests that the two of you return to the Quicksand, whence news of your aromatic offerings should reach a wide and varied audience.
  • You finish handing out your bundles of calming potpourri, warmed by the knowledge that your efforts will help soothe hearts yet suffering from the violence of the Calamity. Return to the wandering minstrel at the Ruby Road Exchange and report the completion of your task.
  • You locate the itinerant bard, and Kipih is moved to share her own memories of the Calamity. The exchange inspires the minstrel, who composes a verse dedicated to the continued safe passage of those who yet ascend the path out of catastrophe and despair. Without warning, you are transported beyond the boundaries of time and space, to meet and speak with the enigmatic Naoki Yoshida. Upon your return to "reality," the minstrel favors you with yet another composition, compounding his wishes that you─indeed, all who seek to survive in this world─are afforded the smoothest road possible for the journey still to come.



Kipih Jakkya: Oh, you're an adventurer, are you? Was there something I can assist you with...?

Kipih Jakkya: ...Now that I think about it, perhaps it is you who can assist me.

Kipih Jakkya: I am Kipih Jakkya, reporter for Gridania's leading tabloid, The Raven! Might I steal a moment of your time?

Kipih Jakkya: So, here's the thing. Just recently, an unusual visitor cut through Gridania's markets like a scythe, in a frenzy to purchase every Nymeia lily available. And I mean all of them!

Kipih Jakkya: For what purpose, I hear you ask? Well, my friend, I sense the answer to that question will provide the basis for my next scoop, so I did some nosing around.

Kipih Jakkya: No one I talked to could put a name to our mysterious flower fancier, but by all accounts, he and his cargo hold of lilies had departed for Ul'dah. Not wanting the trail to grow cold, I quickly grabbed my quill and notepad, and boarded an airship myself...

Kipih Jakkya: ...And was quickly reminded of how hard it is to chase a story in unfamiliar territory. You know this town and its people well enough though, don't you? What say you to lending a hand to my investigative efforts?

Kipih Jakkya: Wonderful! Then we've no time to lose.

Kipih Jakkya: First things first, we pay a visit to the nearest drinking establishment. The local tavern is always the best place to pick up tidbits of gossip and rumor!

Momodi: My, my, those are some serious faces. What can I do for you this fine evenin'?

Momodi: Oooh, playin' reporter, are we? Sounds like fun. Let's hear your questions, then.

Kipih Jakkya: Ahem. We are attempting to track down a particular someone who purchased a suspiciously large number of Nymeia lilies in Gridania before transporting them here to Ul'dah. Any idea of who this person might be?

Momodi: Hmmm. We've more than our fair share of traders comin' and goin', and a large shipment arrivin' in the city is hardly a noteworthy occurrence.

Momodi: But now that you mention it... I do remember this florid minstrel fellow who came in just the other day. Said he'd pulled in from Gridania, and needed help haulin' a hefty delivery to the Alchemists' Guild.

Momodi: He's actually a familiar face in these parts. Never did get his name, though, strangely enough...

Kipih Jakkya: ...A nameless traveler arriving from Gridania with a sizable cargo to move. That sounds promising!

Momodi: Like I said, it was just a request to move cargo.

Momodi: Before you run off to a possible dead end with the alchemists, I suggest you fish for more information inside the Quicksand. After all, where else can you find so many gossipy adventurers crammed into one spot?

Kipih Jakkya: That certainly makes sense. Between the two of us, however, I see no reason why we cannot do both!

Kipih Jakkya: I shall stay here and interview the clientele, while you chase down our other lead at the Alchemists' Guild. What do you think?

Kipih Jakkya: Then that will be our plan! Once you've spoken with the potion mixers, make your way back here and we can discuss any new revelations.

Speaking to Momodi in the Quicksand immediately after:

Momodi: It might be as you already know this, but Severian, the alchemists' guildmaster, can be an...uncooperative sort. Probably best that you're the one who's goin' to talk with him.

Speaking to Kipih Jakkya in the Quicksand immediately after:

Kipih Jakkya: Asking the right questions is a reporter's most vital skill. I'll soon have these adventurers spilling the stories we need to hear!

Severian: So boldly do you approach a master of his profession. I warn you: this matter best be deserving of the precious moments you steal away from my unending research.

Severian: You question me for a tabloid piece!? Away with you! I refuse to waste another instant on this trivial nonsense!

Severian: Ah, but just a moment... Perhaps there is a shred of scholarly value to this after all. I vaguely recall the flamboyant character of whom you speak, and his request to process a vast quantity of floral material...

Severian: 'Tis laughable that I would undertake such a menial chore, of course, so I assigned the task to my subordinates. If you wish to discuss the tedious details, Deitrich is your man.

(Severian, as to be expected, does not have new dialogue when speaking to him immediately after. As usual, he irritably states he is busy, and will only field questions about alchemy and the like.)

Deitrich: Why, I should be delighted to assist you. This is regarding that large delivery of Nymeia lilies...?

Deitrich: Yes, the guild did accept a task involving said flowers, as commissioned by a nomadic minstrel gentleman.

Deitrich: And though I cannot reveal the nature of what we produced, I can tell you that it shall be distributed amongst the populace as part of the events of the Rising. If you wish to know more, then might I suggest you speak to the gentleman himself?

Speaking to Deitrich immediately after:

Deitrich: The minstrel's request was not daunting for its complexity, merely for its sheer volume. And we could not rely on─or indeed, even expect─the briefest assistance from Master Severian...

Kipih Jakkya: Adventurer, you're back! Did the alchemists offer up any new information?

Kipih Jakkya: So to summarize: this famously unnamed minstrel of nomadic inclination commissioned the manufacture of some as-yet-unknown item to be handed out during the Rising...

Kipih Jakkya: Oh, I heartily agree that we should speak with him directly. And as luck may have it, I've just discovered that he means to put on a performance at the Ruby Road Exchange.

Kipih Jakkya: I think it's time for one of my patented “on the spot” interviews, don't you?

Kipih Jakkya: If we hurry over, we can catch him before he takes the stage.

Speaking to Momodi upon returning to the Quicksand:

Momodi: Master Severian was his usual prickly self, then? In a way, it's reassurin'─like all is right with the world.

Speaking to Kipih Jakkya directly beforehand:

Kipih Jakkya: That colorful fellow there must be our minstrel...

Kipih Jakkya: Greetings, sir! I'm terribly sorry to interrupt, but you are the famous “wandering minstrel,” are you not?

Wandering Minstrel: I am indeed...

Wandering Minstrel: And look whom you've brought to see me! Was there aught I might do for you fine people?

Kipih Jakkya: I've been following you, to be perfectly honest. I am curious to learn more about the wagonload of lilies you turned over to the alchemists...not to mention your plans to distribute the results of their work.

Wandering Minstrel: You followed me!? But how did y─? I mean, why would you...?

Wandering Minstrel: Ah, a writer for The Raven... That explains much. And did you also learn what I tasked the alchemists to create? Is the coeurl out of the bag for all to smell?

Kipih Jakkya: No, I... We were hoping you might tell us.

Wandering Minstrel: Good, then my surprise remains unspoiled. The plan, if you must know, is to hand out bundles of potpourri to all and sundry during the Rising.

Kipih Jakkya: As mixed with spices? That aromatic stuff you see in bowls on parlor tables and the like?

Wandering Minstrel: The very same. Except my potpourri will delight the eyes as much as the nose, thanks to the alchemical wizardry infused by my co-conspirators.

Wandering Minstrel: Yet even without such enhancements, the scent of Nymeia lilies is known to promote calm and tranquility.

Wandering Minstrel: The Rising is a time of remembrance. Of mourning. It is a time when sorrow can overwhelm folk who lost friends and loved ones in the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Wandering Minstrel: It is my hope that the lily's gentle perfume will afford such burdened souls a modicum of peace during this ofttimes melancholy memorial.

Kipih Jakkya: Oh my... What a genuinely lovely idea!

Wandering Minstrel: Only just this moment we were making arrangements for a, ahem, “showcase” of my humble talents, where I shall hand out potpourri bundles to the audience.

Wandering Minstrel: Again, I am glad we met ere you inadvertently spread word of our little surprise gift. ...I trust you now have sufficient detail to write your article?

Kipih Jakkya: Oh, yes! I have plenty to work with, thank you!

Wandering Minstrel: Splendid. Now, since you've joined the inner circle, so to speak, we must have you play a role in the performance.

Wandering Minstrel: Hah, you needn't fret so─I merely wish for your assistance in passing out potpourri. I can supply the crowd at the show, but it would be most helpful if you might deliver bundles to some other part of town.

Kipih Jakkya: Oh, we would be happy to! And it could only help me flesh out the story!

Kipih Jakkya: Let's head back to the Quicksand, adventurer. If we hand out bundles there, then we can be sure to cover folk from every corner of the city!

Wandering Minstrel: We were low on helping hands to tell the truth, so this has worked out for the best. Please, come and meet me at the Ruby Road Exchange once you've finished with your task.

Speaking to the Wandering Minstrel immediately after:

Wandering Minstrel: Ah, the hour of my performance draws near. Many times have I taken the stage in my life, yet that thrill of anticipatory terror never fails to run through me.

Speaking to Momodi immediately before handing out bundles of potpourri:

Momodi: ...Potpourri? Aye, hand out as much as you like─anythin' to overpower the scent of sweat-stained adventurer!

Kipih Jakkya: Let's get to work, shall we?

???: What is it you are giving out there, adventurer?

Mimio Mio: Ah, I know this scent... Nymeia lily, yes?

Mimio Mio: The flower is often placed on the graves of the fallen, a practice with which I am, alas, intimately familiar. Why choose this particular bloom?

Mimio Mio: I see. Perhaps the perfume does remind one of the peace of repose, rather than the violence which took our companions from us. It would seem the minstrel has given the matter some thought.

Mimio Mio: For Carteneau veterans such as myself, the season of the Rising can be a the throbbing pain of an old wound. I will keep this bundle close, I think, and breathe in its calm whenever I feel my thoughts turning grim.

Momodi: Keepin' busy there, ain't you, [Forename]? I know it's for the Risin' and all, but it tickles me to see a hero of your stature handin' out presents like a simple errand girl.

Momodi: I mean, ever since the first time we met, you've always been the type to lend aid where it's needed.

Momodi: And you haven't changed one bit. Makes me happy, it does...not to mention a little misty-eyed.

Momodi: The good you've done for folk will linger on─an unshakable foundation for your future. Keep goin' the way you're goin', my friend, and we'll all be the better for it.

Momodi: Here, why don't you let me have whatever bundles you've got left and I'll put them together with the ones I took from your reporter friend. If we leave a basketful out on the guild counter, I guarantee they'll hand themselves out before the Risin' is over.

Speaking to Momodi immediately after:

Momodi: That potpourri of yours is fairly flyin' off the counter. I don't know if it's just the scent or what, but it's proven popular with the patrons.

Kipih Jakkya: Mistress Momodi took a goodly amount off my hands, but I think we've done our fair share of the work. We should go and see the minstrel, and let him know we've completed our task!

Kipih Jakkya: I wonder if that potpourri also loosens tongues... It seems everyone who took a bundle had a Rising tale to tell, be it a short remembrance or a lingering stroll down memory lane.

Wandering Minstrel: The reporter and her most-qualified assistant return. The performance went well, I must say, but what of your story research? Were the townsfolk willing to share any moving material?

Kipih Jakkya: Yes, they were unexpectedly forthcoming. I was regaled with many an anecdote from those who lived through the Calamity, and privileged to hear their treasured memories of those who did not.

Kipih Jakkya: Back when the Calamity was poised to strike, I had only just earned my reporter's quill. I was rushing around town, questioning adventurers and taking notes...

Kipih Jakkya: But as Dalamud descended ever lower, the streets erupted into chaos. It was then that I fled with my younger brother to the border and relative safety. There were a few less-prudent friends and colleagues who might still be here if they had done the same.

Kipih Jakkya: In the years since, the world has risen from the ashes. I've done my best to rise along with it, but there are things I cannot─nay, should not─forget. Such are the thoughts which blossom in my mind when I breathe in that potpourri's perfume.

Kipih Jakkya: I've enjoyed our collaboration this day, adventurer, and I shall attempt to write a piece that does it justice. What say you to “Rising Calm” as a title?

Wandering Minstrel: How fitting. I look forward to reading it.

Wandering Minstrel: I, too, sense the stirring of a new composition. A hopeful verse, dedicated to the continued safe passage of those who yet ascend the path out of catastrophe and despair...

???: Greetings, Warrior of Light.

???: You needn't be alarmed.

???: This is a world that exists outside your reality. Could it be a dream? A flight of fancy conjured by your weary mind? Perhaps...or perhaps not.

Naoki Yoshida: What a pleasure it is to welcome you here again, [Forename]. And what a privilege that your chosen trail should run alongside mine for so long.

Naoki Yoshida: On a day such as today, I hope you will forgive me a brief bout of nostalgia.

Naoki Yoshida: It has been an entire decade since I first came to this world. I was a stranger here, a traveler in a troubled land, and the quest for its salvation consumed my every moment.

Naoki Yoshida: Countless trials were met and overcome, and the world not only survived─it flourished. This victory we owe to those who persevered alongside us; to those who explored and nurtured and loved this realm as much as we.

Naoki Yoshida: ...Yes, it is you of whom I speak. Of our indomitable adventurers.

Naoki Yoshida: Ten years is a long time, yes, but for me the number holds no special significance. It is simply a count of the passage of days.

Naoki Yoshida: Success, however, would not have come without that accumulation of daily effort, and that is what makes it a milestone worth marking. Thank you for staying the course with us these many years.

Naoki Yoshida: I will keep making plans for this world for the foreseeable future. It has become a part of my life, and to see it grow is an adventure in itself...

Naoki Yoshida: Rest well, Warrior of Light, for a grand convergence of events approaches. May the road upon which you must embark become the greatest of all journeys.

Naoki Yoshida: ...Until we meet again, my friend.

Kipih Jakkya: What a moving rendition...

Kipih Jakkya: And now I really must head home to write that article. You have my gratitude, [Forename]─I would still be floundering in the street without your assistance. Until we meet again!

Wandering Minstrel: A great many lives were lost in the flames of the Calamity, not to mention the chaos which followed. Yet it is the survivors who must face the challenges of living in this new era we have salvaged. To you, the champion in the vanguard of our efforts, I dedicate these verses...

Wandering Minstrel: Scarred by the falling of fiery stars, the land is reborn with new life.♪

God-slayer struck by an echoing roar, heavens ring with the promise of strife.♪

Wandering Minstrel: Beast and man, both, seek freedom or death in bloody inferno untamed.♪

By unbroken hopes, from a sky long undimmed shall the darkness of eld be reclaimed.♪

Wandering Minstrel: A merciless gale, an unending road, if this be the path we are fated,♪

Then pray be our dawn in the rift betwixt worlds, your soul's splendid light unabated.♪

Wandering Minstrel: I really must apologize for pressing you into service for my potpourri scheme. I tend to consider adventurers as fellow wanderers, and call upon the assistance of your kind with little reservation.

Wandering Minstrel: ...As for the gifts themselves, there was another reason as to why I chose the Nymeia lily. Traditionally, the bloom is said to represent a prayer for safe passage.

Wandering Minstrel: The way ahead yet promises more hardship, and I wanted, at the very least, to wish you─all of you─the smoothest road for the coming journey.

Kipih Jakkya: Adventurer! I must thank you again for helping me delve into the details of this story. You will see─and hopefully read─the full article in The Raven forthwith!

Rising Attendant: In looking to the past, we take solace in the present, and think of what the future may hold. That is the very essence of the Rising! This year, we have prepared a spectacular fireworks celebration. It is sure to enthrall everyone in attendance!

What will you ask?

> What is the Rising?

> What can you tell me about the Nymeia potpourri?

> Nothing.

> What is the Rising?

Rising Attendant: The Rising is a period of remembrance that commemorates those lives that were lost during the great tragedy that was the Calamity. We also pay tribute to the unsung heroes who risked life and limb that others might know a brighter future.

Rising Attendant: And so the streets are decorated with somber trappings, and the night skies filled with vibrant fireworks.

Rising Attendant: The solemn atmosphere and bright lights above may spur others to reflect on the doom portended by Dalamud. By doing so, they might give thanks for the present, and muster hope for a brighter tomorrow.

> What can you tell me about the Nymeia potpourri?

Rising Attendant: Although the Nymeia lily is best known as the flower one leaves upon the graves of the departed, the bloom traditionally represents a prayer for safe passage.

Rising Attendant: The lily's scent is also said to possess a calming effect. Thus did we hope to produce and distribute a potpourri which would encapsulate the message of the Rising, even as its gentle perfume worked to soothe the troubled hearts of those bereaved by the Calamity.

Rising Attendant: Might you wish to obtain a pouch for yourself? I believe our vendors still have a number of bundles in stock...

Speaking to the Wandering Minstrel immediately after the quest is completed:

Wandering Minstrel: Eorzea survived the Calamity and has effected a miraculous rebirth. 'Tis for all who struggle onwards, putting one foot in front of the other as they travel this unfamiliar and oft-uneven path, that I dedicate this song of safe passage...