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Pictomancy Mastery IV

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Pictomancy Mastery IV

Pictomancer frame icon.png PCT (traits)

Increases the potency of Fire in Red to 440, Aero in Green to 480, Water in Blue to 520, Fire II in Red to 120, Aero II in Green to 140, Water II in Blue to 160, Hammer Stamp to 560, Blizzard in Cyan to 800, Stone in Yellow to 840, Thunder in Magenta to 880, Blizzard II in Cyan to 240, Stone II in Yellow to 260, Thunder II in Magenta to 280, Holy in White to 520, Hammer Brush to 620, Polishing Hammer to 680, and Comet in Black to 880.

— In-game description

Pictomancy Mastery IV is a trait unlocked at level 94. It is available for Pictomancer.

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