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Onions of Life Bestowing

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Onions of Life Bestowing

Call from the Clouds.png
Quest giver
Mujih Mewrilah
Foundation (X:9, Y:11)
Required items
10 Cyclops onion icon1.png  Cyclops Onion
Experience 663,390
Gil 2,470
Previous quest
Call from the Clouds
Next quest
Two Nations, One Seed

Mujih Mewrilah has received word of a task from Basyle.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Cyclops onion icon1.png  Cyclops Onion is a HIDDEN item on the nodes, this means it is not always visible. Luck of the Pioneer.png  Luck of the Pioneer unlocked by the next Botanist quest will allow you to reveal these items right away, so you only have to put up with it for this quest.



  • Mujih Mewrilah has received word of a task from Basyle.
  • In excited tones, Mujih informs you that Basyle has sent word of your very first task. Make your way to Camp Cloudtop in the Sea of Clouds, and ask the botanist what he requires of you.
  • The supply situation is grim at Camp Cloudtop, and Basyle begs your advice on a suitable crop to cultivate. Based on your response, he decides to try his luck on cyclops onions, which grow wild in the Dravanian forelands. Gather ten bulbs of the onion and bring them to Basyle.
  • You have delivered ten cyclops onions to Basyel, who declares that he will try growing them in the test plot. Satisfied that she has sufficient material for her first article, Mujih returns to Ishgard. Make your own way back and join her at the aetheryte plaza.
  • With evident pleasure, Mujih informs you that the first installment of her story will soon grace an edition of The Raven. As before, she will remain in Ishgard to await further instructions from Basyle.
    • ※The next botanist quest will be available from Mujih Mewrilah upon reaching level 55.