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One Step Closer

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One Step Closer

Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:11.2, Y:15.2)
Quest line
Void Quests

Experience 0
Gil 1,325
Previous quest
The Hero's Journey
Next quest
A Bounty of Hunters

Unukalhai would hone his newfound skill.

— In-game description



  • Unukalhai would hone his newfound skill.
  • Having learned the fundamentals of opening hollows from Nyelbert's crystal, Unukalhai asks Taynor to work with him on perfecting the technique forthwith. Taynor agrees to do so, but only once safely away from the Crystarium, as denizens of the void are wont to seize any opportunity to cross to other worlds.
  • You meet Taynor and Unukalhai in Lakeland, where they attempt to use their joint aether to open a portal to the Thirteenth. Amazingly, they succeed in making such a gateway─albeit a small one─on the first go, and a minor voidsent emerges.
  • You dispatch the voidsent with little difficulty. It is now safe for Unukalhai and Taynor to make another attempt.
  • Taynor suggests that Unukalhai match his breathing and the flow of his aether in order to refine the technique. These instructions have the mixed results of a slightly larger hollow, and a slightly larger voidsent for you to dispose of.
  • You dispatch the voidsent of medium size. Thankfully, no hapless travelers pass by, and your two companions are either too intent on their aetherial attunement or too desensitized by past experience to be perturbed by the many screams issuing from its many mouths.
  • On their third attempt, Unukalhai and Taynor are perfectly in sync, and manage to open a robustly sized voidgate. This has the unfortunate side effect of unleashing a larger-than-is-strictly-desirable voidsent, but you've seen much worse, so get on with the slaying.
  • Your defeat of the voidsent leaves no trace behind. Beq Lugg never needs to know.
  • You speak to Unukalhai, who concludes that he now has a sufficient grasp on the technique. Taynor agrees that they have succeeded in synchronizing their aether at a surprising rate, and wonders aloud at how familiar working with Unukalhai's aether felt to him...