Little Sylphs Lost

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Little Sylphs Lost

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Quest giver
New Gridania (X:10, Y:11)
Quest line
Allied Tribal Quests
Gil 760
Previous quest
Call of the Wild (Immortal Flames)
Call of the Wild (Maelstrom)
Call of the Wild (Twin Adder)
Next quest
Clutching at Straws

Gavin would enlist the services of a willing-and-able adventurer─to wit, you.

— In-game description




  • Report to Voyce.


  • Gavin would enlist the services of a willing-and-able adventurer─to wit, you.
  • As Lieutenant Gavin tells it, the Order of the Twin Adder received a panicked missive from Voyce, the naturalist who has taken up residence in Little Solace. Travel to the sylph settlement and see what has the hapless scholar in such distress.
  • Voyce and Elder Frixio relate to you the plight faced by the sylphs─a mass kidnapping of podlings that had been resting safely in the Little Solace. Convinced that the touched sylphs that inhabit the Sylphlands are responsible for the deed, Voyce begs you to travel to the entrance to their lair in the East Shroud, and stand lookout in hopes of catching the abductor in the act.
  • Your search turned up not the culprits you sought, but rather a mysterious young girl who ominously suggests that the truth behind the disappearance of the podlings is far more fearsome than you suspected, before hastening off to destinations unknown. Return to Voyce and inform him that you will have to look elsewhere for the kidnapper.
  • In hearing that the touched sylphs are not behind the kidnapping, Voyce is visibly perplexed. Who could have perpetrated this terrible crime, and to what end? This mystery warrants further investigation.