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Let the Clan Hunt Begin

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Let the Clan Hunt Begin

Quest giver
Foundation (X:12, Y:11)

Experience 28,800
Gil 449
Previous quest
Let the Hunt Begin (Twin Adder)
Next quest
Better Bill Hunting

Aytienne is looking you up and down and grinning.

— In-game description






  • Examine the Clan Hunt board.


  • Aytienne is looking you up and down and grinning.
  • Recognizing you as an adventurer who has seen <if:her/his> fair share of battle, Aytienne asks if you would consider joining him and his Clan Centurio colleagues in the Ishgardian Hunt. If you think you have what it takes, head to the bar of the Forgotten Knight and ask Ardolain for more information.
  • Ardolain briefs you on the workings of the Clan Hunt and signs you up as a Clan Centurio novitiate. He bids you examine the Clan Hunt board outside the upstairs entrance to the inn, where Clan Centurio post their latest marks.
  • You examine the Clan Hunt board and the bills posted thereon. As a novice member of Clan Centurio, you are permitted to take level one mark bills from the board and collect their rewards. For more information about the Clan Hunt, or to exchange Centurio Seals for exclusive items, speak with Ardolain in the Forgotten Knight. Otherwise, pick a bill from the board and put the marked monsters to the sword to help bring a modicum of peace to the bloodstained snows of Ishgard.

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