It's Aliiive

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It's Aliiive
Type Kill Boss
Location Middle La Noscea - Zephyr Drift (x24,y26)
Level 5
Duration 15m
Friendly NPC Neneroon, Lucky Rat, Mochi Daikan
Enemies Living Mochi, Advent Mochi
Description Likely as much to its confusion as anyone else's, this year's Heavensturn mochi has miraculously sprung to life. Best not to think about any latent moral implications as you hack it into delicious bite-sized pieces.
Rewards Cut Mochi
Experience 560
Gil 10
Company Seals 28
Previous FATE Heavensturn (2020)
It's Aliiive is a level 5 Kill Boss FATE in Middle La Noscea - Zephyr Drift (x24,y26).

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