Ironbeard Builders - Revolt

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Ironbeard Builders - Revolt
Type Defend
Location Kholusia - Scree (x16.2,y21.4)
Level 78
Duration 15m
Enemies Ironbeard Mazer
Description Ever the conniving coots, the Goggs, discontented with bringing but a single shiv to this knife fight, have instead brought a drawer-full, greatly skewing the odds in their favor. It will be up to you to even, nay tip, the scales back.
Experience 351,000
Gil 156
Bicolor Gemstones 12
Previous FATE Ironbeard Builders - Resist
Next FATE Ironbeard Builders - Rebuilt
Ironbeard Builders - Revolt is a level 78 Defend FATE in Kholusia - Scree (x16.2,y21.4).

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