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In Search of Alphinaud

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In Search of Alphinaud

In Search of Alphinaud Image.JPG
Quest giver
Crystal Exarch
The Ocular (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 216,000
Gil 898
Previous quest
Travelers of Norvrandt
Next quest
A Still Tide

The Crystal Exarch is eager for you to meet with Alphinaud.

— In-game description





  • The Crystal Exarch is eager for you to meet with Alphinaud.
  • In order to facilitate your reunion with Alphinaud, the Exarch offers to arrange transportation for the journey to Kholusia. He hands you a folded letter, and asks that you present it to Szem Djenmai, the Master of Beasts at Temenos Rookery.
  • After perusing your letter of introduction, Szem Djenmai not only agrees to provide you with an amaro, but also insists upon accompanying you on the first leg of your trip. He bids you gather your gear and head to the Amaro Launch, where one of the younger tamers will attend to you while Szem is saddling the mounts.
  • Despite obvious doubts as to your skill as a rider, the young tamer nevertheless trusts in Master Djenmai's decision to grant you the use of his amaro. Your journey to Kholusia has begun.
  • After a blissfully uneventful flight, you alight upon the island. Szem waits patiently nearby as you find your land legs.
  • According to your guide, it is not the wildlife of Kholusia that should concern you, but its people. Once satisfied that you have heeded his warning regarding the Eulmorans, the Zun promises to tell you something that will aid you in your search for Alphinaud...