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In Search of Alisaie

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In Search of Alisaie

In Search of Alisaie Image.JPG
Quest giver
Crystal Exarch
The Ocular (X:6.1, Y:6.0)
Quest line
Shadowbringers Main Scenario
Experience 216,000
Gil 1,116
Previous quest
Travelers of Norvrandt
Next quest
City of the Mord

The Crystal Exarch is eager for you to meet with Alisaie.

— In-game description





  • In order to facilitate your reunion with Alisaie─and hopefully soothe any lingering anger from her ill-timed summoning─the Exarch offers to arrange transportation for the journey to Amh Araeng. He hands you a letter of introduction, and sends you to the Amaro Launch to find a man named Cassard.
  • After reading the Exarch's missive, the merchant seems more than happy to act as your guide. You have only to give the signal to begin your trek into the desert.
  • You indicate your readiness to depart, and Cassard ushers you onto the back of one of the waiting amaro.

※From this point onwards, you may secure passage to the lands of Amh Araeng with a word to the adroit amaro tamer.

  • You have arrived in Amh Araeng. Cassard awaits to escort you deeper into the desert.
  • The merchant bids you follow him to the southwest, and you duly set off into the sands, doing your best not to get left behind.
  • A short while later, Cassard signals for a brief stop, apparently unwilling to cross the bridge before you've properly appreciated the majesty of the scene you're leaving behind.
  • You dutifully admire the imposing edifice of Qasr Sharl until your guide deems your eyes to have feasted enough─whereupon he prods you to press on with your journey.
  • Upon arriving in Mord Souq, Cassard welcomes you with obvious enthusiasm, declaring his love for the place in the same breath. Judging by the grin on the merchant's face, your visit here promises to be an interesting one...