Fourth Umbral Calamity

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Following the domination of Meracydia, Xande realized that the spark of war and the cycle of death were the only things that made him feel anything after his death and resurrection. He soon found himself longing for death, and to take everything with him. Xande entered into another contract with the Cloud of Darkness, offering her the world's worth of Aether if she would come through the gate he would open and destroy the world. He soon set about having his top scientists and mages working on a method to open a massive portal to the Void, however they soon realized that a power source required to open a Voidgate that large was infeasible at best, as they currently did not have a method of gathering enough power.

In an act of brilliance, Xande imprisoned Bahamut within a massive satellite named Dalamud, and launched it into space, taking advantage of the dreadwyrm's fire-aspect to gather mass amounts of energy much faster than the crystal Tower could, and reinforced the tower, setting it to act as a beacon for Dalamud to send its power to.

Upon learning of Xande's intentions, a majority of both his inner circle and the citizens of the Empire disagreed grievously with his actions, and sought to stop him. Several battles were waged, but none were able to enter the tower for a long time. Even when the rebels were able to finally breach the tower, Xande simply informed them that it was too late, and was able to activate the satellite remotely. Upon doing so, however, a concentrated beam of energy struck the tower. While its reinforcements held true, the very land underneath the tower gave way, sending the entire Allagan Empire cascading into the earth. This set off a mass chain reaction of earthquakes that destroyed the entire land, changing the landscape irreparably. This was the Calamity of Earth. Almost every town or city was devoured by the land, and none were spared from damage. Eorzea had entered into the Fourth Umbral Era.