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For Coin, Country, and Comrades

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For Coin, Country, and Comrades

Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:12.5, Y:8.3)
Quest line
Variant Dungeons Quests
Variant Dungeon The Sil'dihn Subterrane
Note 12 from The Sil'dihn Subterrane
Experience 0
Gil 1,044
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Key to the Past

Kokoshu has the air of one with a message to convey.

— In-game description





  • Kokoshu has the air of one with a message to convey.


Accepting the Quest

Kokoshu: Master [Surname]. I am pleased to inform you that the storage vault you discovered has been thoroughly inventoried.
Kokoshu: And as Her Grace previously mentioned, she wishes to discuss the findings with you in person.
Kokoshu: Have you a moment or two to take tea with the sultana?
Kokoshu: Very good. Pray take the time you need to freshen up and change your wardrobe if you so desire, then meet me on the Hustings Strip.

Speak with Kokoshu

Kokoshu: Her Grace will see you now.
Nanamo Ul Namo: While it is quite amusing to skulk about in disguise, I thought it might be nice to meet in comfort for a change...
Nanamo Ul Namo: That said, I am reminded of our private audience around the time of the victory banquet.
Nanamo Ul Namo: Those tunnels must occupy a dark place in your memory. I hope our recent explorations have brightened them somewhat...
Nanamo Ul Namo: Kokoshu will have told you of our progress in cataloging the sultans' vault?
Nanamo Ul Namo: I deployed a handpicked group of soldiers to compare its contents against the inventory list we recovered, and 'twould seem all items were present and accounted for. There was no evidence of thieving or vandalism, Nald'thal be praised.
Nanamo Ul Namo: The question, then, is what did the sultan of the Thorne Dynasty deem so precious that it must be concealed in an underground archive constructed for the purpose?
Nanamo Ul Namo: 'Twas a gift. Other kingly treasures were stored there, of course, but pride of place at the top of the list was a tribute from the Amalj'aa.
Nanamo Ul Namo: Ul'dahns and Amalj'aa once fought side by side to purge the Sil'dihn Subterrane of the undead, and this tribute commemorated their well-fought victory.
Nanamo Ul Namo: True accounts of the matter, however, have long been stifled for political expedience. Thus did generations of rulers seek to keep the tribute safe and secret, that evidence of our historic alliance might never be forgotten.
Nanamo Ul Namo: They believed the world would change for the better. They believed that preserving our peoples' shared past would aid us in embracing harmony when the time was ripe for reconciliation.
Nanamo Ul Namo: And after the recent happenings at Paglth'an, I believe that time is now.
Nanamo Ul Namo: “For coin, country, and comrades-in-arms, we bequeath this trust to the House of Ul.” So reads the declaration of our forebears, and so shall I endeavor to answer their charge.
Nanamo Ul Namo: There are no few on both sides who seek to decry our efforts; that peace between our peoples will not─can not─be attained. Yet with the gift of precedence in hand will I have the means to convince them.
Nanamo Ul Namo: And I have you to thank for arming me with the truth. Had you not answered my selfish request, or persisted with such patience, I may never have made this wholly unexpected discovery.
Nanamo Ul Namo: You have my deepest gratitude, Gaea. Ever shall I cherish the memories of our explorations.
Nanamo Ul Namo: Oh, but how unseemly of me to dominate the conversation so! What of my distinguished guest? How does Eorzea's tireless champion fare of late?

Upon quest turn-in

Kokoshu: How did you enjoy your tea? The sultana had much to talk to you about, it seems.
Kokoshu: I understand that an adventurer of your caliber is in high demand, and we do so appreciate you taking the time to assist Her Grace─both now and in the days to come.
Kokoshu: I also understand how difficult it can be to finish one's cake in the presence of royalty. Here, I've packed you some sweets for the road. Fare you well, Master [Surname]!