Disciples of the Hand Achievements

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Name Points Task Reward
Knock on wood i icon1.png  Knock on Wood I 5 Achieve carpenter level 10. -
Knock on wood ii icon1.png  Knock on Wood II 5 Achieve carpenter level 20. -
Knock on wood iii icon1.png  Knock on Wood III 5 Achieve carpenter level 30. -
Knock on wood iv icon1.png  Knock on Wood IV 5 Achieve carpenter level 40. -
Knock on wood v icon1.png  Knock on Wood V 5 Achieve carpenter level 50. -
Knock on wood vi icon1.png  Knock on Wood VI 5 Achieve carpenter level 60. -
Knock on wood vii icon1.png  Knock on Wood VII 5 Achieve carpenter level 70. -
Knock on wood viii icon1.png  Knock on Wood VIII 5 Achieve carpenter level 80. -
Knock on wood ix icon1.png  Knock on Wood IX 5 Achieve carpenter level 90. -
Temper, temper i icon1.png  Temper, Temper I 5 Achieve blacksmith level 10. -
Temper, temper ii icon1.png  Temper, Temper II 5 Achieve blacksmith level 20. -
Temper, temper iii icon1.png  Temper, Temper III 5 Achieve blacksmith level 30. -
Temper, temper iv icon1.png  Temper, Temper IV 5 Achieve blacksmith level 40. -
Temper, temper v icon1.png  Temper, Temper V 5 Achieve blacksmith level 50. -
Temper, temper vi icon1.png  Temper, Temper VI 5 Achieve blacksmith level 60. -
Temper, temper vii icon1.png  Temper, Temper VII 5 Achieve blacksmith level 70. -
Temper, temper viii icon1.png  Temper, Temper VIII 5 Achieve blacksmith level 80. -
Temper, temper ix icon1.png  Temper, Temper IX 5 Achieve blacksmith level 90. -
The riddle of steel i icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel I 5 Achieve armorer level 10. -
The riddle of steel ii icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel II 5 Achieve armorer level 20. -
The riddle of steel iii icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel III 5 Achieve armorer level 30. -
The riddle of steel iv icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel IV 5 Achieve armorer level 40. -
The riddle of steel v icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel V 5 Achieve armorer level 50. -
The riddle of steel vi icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel VI 5 Achieve armorer level 60. -
The riddle of steel vii icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel VII 5 Achieve armorer level 70. -
The riddle of steel viii icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel VIII 5 Achieve armorer level 80. -
The riddle of steel ix icon1.png  The Riddle of Steel IX 5 Achieve armorer level 90. -
Heart of gold i icon1.png  Heart of Gold I 5 Achieve goldsmith level 10. -
Heart of gold ii icon1.png  Heart of Gold II 5 Achieve goldsmith level 20. -
Heart of gold iii icon1.png  Heart of Gold III 5 Achieve goldsmith level 30. -
Heart of gold iv icon1.png  Heart of Gold IV 5 Achieve goldsmith level 40. -
Heart of gold v icon1.png  Heart of Gold V 5 Achieve goldsmith level 50. -
Heart of gold vi icon1.png  Heart of Gold VI 5 Achieve goldsmith level 60. -
Heart of gold vii icon1.png  Heart of Gold VII 5 Achieve goldsmith level 70. -
Heart of gold viii icon1.png  Heart of Gold VIII 5 Achieve goldsmith level 80. -
Heart of gold ix icon1.png  Heart of Gold IX 5 Achieve goldsmith level 90. -
Tougher than leather i icon1.png  Tougher than Leather I 5 Achieve leatherworker level 10. -
Tougher than leather ii icon1.png  Tougher than Leather II 5 Achieve leatherworker level 20. -
Tougher than leather iii icon1.png  Tougher than Leather III 5 Achieve leatherworker level 30. -
Tougher than leather iv icon1.png  Tougher than Leather IV 5 Achieve leatherworker level 40. -
Tougher than leather v icon1.png  Tougher than Leather V 5 Achieve leatherworker level 50. -
Tougher than leather vi icon1.png  Tougher than Leather VI 5 Achieve leatherworker level 60. -
Tougher than leather vii icon1.png  Tougher than Leather VII 5 Achieve leatherworker level 70. -
Tougher than leather viii icon1.png  Tougher than Leather VIII 5 Achieve leatherworker level 80. -
Tougher than leather ix icon1.png  Tougher than Leather IX 5 Achieve leatherworker level 90. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling i icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling I 5 Achieve weaver level 10. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling ii icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling II 5 Achieve weaver level 20. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling iii icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling III 5 Achieve weaver level 30. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling iv icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling IV 5 Achieve weaver level 40. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling v icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling V 5 Achieve weaver level 50. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling vi icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling VI 5 Achieve weaver level 60. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling vii icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling VII 5 Achieve weaver level 70. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling viii icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling VIII 5 Achieve weaver level 80. -
Smiling, styling, and textiling ix icon1.png  Smiling, Styling, and Textiling IX 5 Achieve weaver level 90. -
Tis True without Lying Icon.png  'Tis True without Lying I 5 Achieve alchemist level 10. -
Tis True without Lying Icon.png  'Tis True without Lying II 5 Achieve alchemist level 20. -
Tis True without Lying Icon.png  'Tis True without Lying III 5 Achieve alchemist level 30. -
'tis true without lying iv icon1.png  'Tis True without Lying IV 5 Achieve alchemist level 40. -
'tis true without lying v icon1.png  'Tis True without Lying V 5 Achieve alchemist level 50. -
'tis true without lying vi icon1.png  'Tis True without Lying VI 5 Achieve alchemist level 60. -
'tis true without lying vii icon1.png  'Tis True without Lying VII 5 Achieve alchemist level 70. -
'tis true without lying viii icon1.png  'Tis True without Lying VIII 5 Achieve alchemist level 80. -
'tis true without lying ix icon1.png  'Tis True without Lying IX 5 Achieve alchemist level 90. -
All in good taste i icon1.png  All in Good Taste I 5 Achieve culinarian level 10. -
All in good taste ii icon1.png  All in Good Taste II 5 Achieve culinarian level 20. -
All in good taste iii icon1.png  All in Good Taste III 5 Achieve culinarian level 30. -
All in good taste iv icon1.png  All in Good Taste IV 5 Achieve culinarian level 40. -
All in good taste v icon1.png  All in Good Taste V 5 Achieve culinarian level 50. -
All in good taste vi icon1.png  All in Good Taste VI 5 Achieve culinarian level 60. -
All in good taste vii icon1.png  All in Good Taste VII 5 Achieve culinarian level 70. -
All in good taste viii icon1.png  All in Good Taste VIII 5 Achieve culinarian level 80. -
All in good taste ix icon1.png  All in Good Taste IX 5 Achieve culinarian level 90. -