Diamond in the Rough

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Diamond in the Rough
Type Kill Boss
Location Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak (x18,y24)
Level 48
Duration 15m
Enemies Amalj'aa Thaumaturge, Amalj'aa Lancer, Amalj'aa Archer, Diamondjaw Nezedd Gah
Description A great Ul'dahn general once said, "There is no need for defense when one is always on the offensive." Assault the Zanr'ak encampment and slay the commanding officer Diamondjaw Nezedd Gah before he gathers his troops to march on Little Ala Mhigo.
Rewards  ??
Diamond in the Rough is a level 48 Kill Boss FATE in Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak (x18,y24).

Tips and Tricks

You need to talk to a Flame Scout that spawns nearby to get the fate to start. He is located at 17.4,23.6

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