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Designed by Committee

Way of the Weaver.png
Quest giver
Redolent Rose
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:14, Y:13)
Required items
1 Linen shirt icon1.png  Linen Shirt
Experience 102,960
Gil 0
Previous quest
Miner on a Mission
Next quest
A Subtle Inquiry

Redolent Rose has received another commission from a regular customer.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Redolent Rose has received another commission from a regular customer.
  • Wawarukka has requested your services as a weaver once more. Speak with him on Onyx Lane to learn more about the commission.
  • The miner explains that his previous attempt to woo Kokomo ended in failure. However, he refuses to give up, and intends to approach her wearing a new ensemble. He bids you prepare a high-quality linen shirt for this purpose. Craft the item as requested and deliver it to Redolent Rose.
  • To compensate for his ignorance of Ul'dahn fashion, Wawarukka enlisted the help of his friends when preparing his new outfit. Alas, the end result is a veritable hodgepodge of conflicting designs, and your linen shirt is no exception. Unable to stop the miner yet again, Redolent Rose falls to his knees and cries out in despair, only to rise to his feet moments later and excuse himself. Though it is likely a futile effort, you can only assume he wishes to pretend that the preceding events simply never occurred...
  • The next weaver quest will be available from Redolent Rose upon reaching level 40.