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Dealings in the Desert

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Dealings in the Desert

Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:13.7, Y:9.1)
Quest line
Ishgardian Restoration Main Quests

Experience 25,000
Gil 648
Previous quest
The Making of a Market
Next quest
A Parley with Pirates

Francel is eager to return to the road.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Francel at the Ruby Road Exchange.
  • Search for Charlemend in the vicinity of Emerald Avenue.
  • Speak with Francel.


  • Francel is eager to return to the road.
  • Heartened by your success in Gridania, Lord Francel is eager to make for Ul'dah, the Jewel of the Desert, where he hopes to find yet another prestigious trading partner willing to bring their wares to the Firmament. Lord Charlemend, too, is anxious to move on, convinced that the cultured upper crust types of the sultanate will be more receptive to his approach than the common merchants of Gridania. You promise to reconvene with your companions at the Ruby Road Exchange and offer what aid you can.
  • No sooner do you arrive in Ul'dah than does Lord Charlemend once more strike out on his own, paying Francel's words of warning little heed. At the young lord's request, you set out to find the count before he can do more damage to your cause with his arrogant and abrasive approach.
  • Amidst the stalls and markets of the Ruby Road Exchange, you come upon Lord Charlemend engaged in a verbal dispute with a local purveyor of rumors and secrets. Fearing that the stodgy aristocrat has truly bitten off more than he can chew this time, you are relieved when your acquaintance Lord Emmanellain arrives on the scene, skillfully defusing a potentially problematic situation with his silver tongue. After a brief exchange, the free-spirited nobleman offers to arrange a partnership with a prominent merchant─in exchange for a verbal promise that a good word will be put in for him with his beloved Lady Laniaitte─and his dutiful manservant Honoroit promises to see that the deal is brought to completion. Breathing a sigh of relief at having avoided a complete breakdown of negotiations, you set off to relay the good news to Lord Francel.
  • Francel rejoices upon hearing of your successes, offering his deepest gratitude and expressing admiration for the strong bonds of friendship you have forged with many illustrious and influential personages throughout the realm. Clearly taking umbrage that the mission has once again succeeded despite─and not because of─his best efforts, Lord Charlemend grumbles and grouses as the three of you prepare to strike out for your next destination.