Core Blimey

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Core Blimey
Type Collect Items
Location Northern Thanalan - Bluefog (x22,22)
Level 49
Duration 15m
Starting NPC Amajina & Sons Draughtsman
Delivery NPC Amajina & Sons Draughtsman
Items Needed Earth Sprite Core
Enemies Earth Sprite
Description Ceruleum processing is a copmlex task that requires a stable environment so as not to disturb the highly unstable liquid. One way to reduce seismic activity in and around the plant is by reinforcing the area with earth sprite cores, and Amajina & Sons draughtsmen are always looking to purchase more.
Rewards  ??
Experience 21,315
Gil 98
Company Seals 281
Core Blimey is a level 49 Collect Items FATE in Northern Thanalan - Bluefog (x22,22).

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