Canvases and Palette Gauge

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Official Lodestone Job Guide (Always up-to-date)

The pictomancer channels offensive elemental magic by creating a variety of artwork. In addition to hard-cast spells, they also have several instant cast actions, similar to other magical ranged DPS. They can also be able to buff nearby allies, similar to Red Mage or Summoner. They do not have access to a resurrection spell.

Canvases and Palette Gauge is Pictomancer's Job Gauge.



Pictomancer eschews the stave for a brush, painting their imaginings upon a canvas and bringing them to life through magic. By utilizing the Creature Canvas, the Weapon Canvas, and the Landscape Canvas, a variety of effects can be produced.

Creature Canvas


Creature Motif.png  Creature Motifs are painted on the Creature Canvas and can be rendered to life through Living Muse.png  Living Muse, simultaneously granting a depiction of the rendered motif. Assembling Depiction of Pom and Depiction of Wings creates a Moogle Portrait, allowing the execution of Mog of the Ages.png  Mog of the Ages.


Executing Creature Motif.png  Creature Motif and Living Muse in succession to assemble Depiction of Pom, Depiction of Wings, Depiction of Claw, and Depiction of Fangs creates a Madeen Portrait, allowing the execution of Retribution of the Madeen.png  Retribution of the Madeen.

Weapon Canvas / Landscape Canvas

Canvases4.png Weapon Motif.png  Weapon Motifs are painted on the Weapon Canvas and can be rendered to life through Steel Muse.png  Steel Muse. When a hammer is painted on the canvas, Striking Muse.png  Striking Muse can be performed, allowing the execution of Hammer Stamp.png  Hammer Stamp.

Landscape Motif.png  Landscape Motifs are painted on the Landscape Canvas and can be rendered to life through Scenic Muse.png  Scenic Muse. When a starry sky is painted on the canvas, Starry Muse.png  Starry Muse can be performed, increasing the damage dealt by self and party members, along with granting other effects to self.

Simple Mode

Canvases simple mode1.png Creature Canvas / Weapon Canvas / Landscape Canvas

Canvases simple mode2.png Moogle Portrait

Canvases simple mode3.png Madeen Portrait

Palette Gauge

Palette gauge1.png

The Palette Gauge and White Paint can be accumulated by executing certain aetherhue spells. Once your palette is sufficiently saturated with aether, you can consume a portion of the Palette Gauge to execute Subtractive Palette.png  Subtractive Palette, which will temporarily alter the properties of your aetherhue spells, significantly enhancing them. Additionally, White Paint can be spent to execute Holy in White.png  Holy in White.

Upon learning the level 90 trait Enhanced Palette.png  Enhanced Palette, the use of Subtractive Palette will grant you Monochrome Tones, which converts one splash of White Paint into Black Paint, allowing the execution of Comet in Black.png  Comet in Black.

Palette Gauge: Accumulates upon the landing of Water in Blue.png  Water in Blue or Water II in Blue.png  Water II in Blue.
White Paint: Granted upon the landing of Water in Blue.png  Water in Blue, Thunder in Magenta.png  Thunder in Magenta, Water II in Blue.png  Water II in Blue, or Thunder II in Magenta.png  Thunder II in Magenta.
Black Paint: Granted from stacks of White Paint while under the effect of Monochrome Tones.

Simple Mode

Palette gauge simple mode1.png Normal

Palette gauge simple mode2.png Subtractive Palette

Palette gauge simple mode3.png Subtractive Palette (Black Paint)