Blood, Augur, Hex, Magicks

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Blood, Augur, Hex, Magicks
Type Kill Boss
Location Southern Thanalan - Sagolii Desert (x25,y34)
Level 32
Duration 15m
Enemies Amalj'aa Divinator, Amalj'aa Halberdier, Amalj'aa Sniper, Blackbile Maladd Chah
Description The Immortal Flames have pinpointed the whereabouts of one Blackbile Maladd Chah - an Amalj'aa hexweaver thought to be behind the assassinations of several high-ranking flame officials. Track down the terrible warlock and send him back to the Lifestream.
Rewards  ??
Experience 7,995
Gil 64
Company Seals 184
Blood, Augur, Hex, Magicks is a level 32 Kill Boss FATE in Southern Thanalan - Sagolii Desert (x25,y34).

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