Behind Anemone Lines

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Behind Anemone Lines
Type Defend
Location Lakeland - The Thirstless Shore (x20.6,y28.1)
Level 71
Duration  ?m
Friendly NPC Anncensor Guard
Enemies Malodorous Anemone
Description Though little in this world smells worse than sun-ripened fish, sun-ripened fish that's spent any amount of time near malodorous anemones certainly qualifies. Those who would prefer not to have their noses opened to a whole new world of stench had best assist the local fisher in rescuing his catch before it's too late.
Experience 225,000
Gil 142
Bicolor Gemstones 12
Next FATE Calm a Chameleon
Behind Anemone Lines is a level 71 Defend FATE in Lakeland - The Thirstless Shore (x20.6,y28.1).

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