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An Unexpected Symphony

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An Unexpected Symphony

Quest giver
The Firmament (X:15.3, Y:10.9)
Quest line
Ishgardian Restoration Main Quests
Experience 25,000
Gil 680
Previous quest
Feature QuestFrancel's Fervent Wish
Next quest
Feature QuestSmiles Cross the Sky

Mariorie is making the final preparations for the forthcoming concert.

— In-game description



  • Mariorie is making the final preparations for the forthcoming concert.
  • Mariorie welcomes your arrival, gleefully informing you that the performers have assembled, the instruments have been tuned, and the stage is set for the most magnificent concert the Firmament has seen. After your acquaintances Handeloup and Emmanellain express their eagerness to take part in the event, none other than Lord Francel arrives. Genuinely surprised and deeply touched by the gesture, he states that it would be an honor to perform with you. Make whatever final preparations you must, then join your friends atop the stage.
  • Thanks to the impressive musical talents of your friends, as well as your diligence in practicing for this moment, the concert proves even more impressive than you could have expected, delighting the guest of honor, your friends, the audience, and all in the Firmament whose ears take in the melodies that now soar through the sky. Satisfied at all you have accomplished today, you return to Mariorie to thank her for her own efforts in making this day possible.
  • Unsurprisingly, Mariorie is beside herself with joy at seeing the concert prove to be such an unqualified success. She thanks you for all you have done to bring the magic of music to the Firmament, and expresses her hope that you would not be averse to gracing local residents with an encore.