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As you progress through the early stages of the game, tutorial screens known as active help windows will provide a gradual introduction to the various controls. All previously viewed active help tutorials can be displayed by selecting Active Help in the System menu.

Active help windows1.png

When starting certain events or actions, a question mark icon will be displayed with the title of the active help tutorial underneath.

Active help windows2.png

Selecting this icon will display the active help tutorial. When you are done reading the tutorial, close the window by clicking the button in the top right corner, or press B on the gamepad.

Accessing the Active Help Menu

Active help windows3.png

1. Open the main menu, then select Active Help from the System tab.

Active help windows4.png

2. This menu contains a list of all previously viewed active help tutorials. For convenience, the list has been organized into several categories.

3. Selecting a given topic will display the corresponding active help tutorial.

Active help windows5.png