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A Reoccurring Bug

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A Reoccurring Bug

Quest giver
Quest line

Experience 3,360
Gil 444

Nonora is seeking help in her search for a missing friend.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description



  • Search Nophica's Wells for signs of the wandering minstrel.
  • Activate the teleportation ward.
  • Aid the wandering minstrel.
  • Enter the Cheap Dungeon.
  • Report to Nonora.


  • Nonora is seeking help in her search for a missing friend.
    ※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • According to Nonora, a mechanical menace thought long since defeated has returned to disrupt the realm's celebration of remembrance. Hoping to resolve the matter quickly, and without incident, she enlisted the aid of the wandering minstrel who helped drive off these insectoid machines once before. Though there have been no sightings of the creatures for several days, the wandering minstrel has yet to return, causing Nonora to worry. She bids you venture to Nophica's Wells, where she last heard word from him, and see what you can find.

※Please note that you will not be able to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, check the Lodestone.

  • Not long after arriving at Nophica's Wells you discover a strange aetherial rift near the water, as well as several metallic bugs strewn across the ground. Though he is nowhere in sight, you are certain this is the handiwork of the wandering minstrel. While you know naught of the origins of the void hovering silently above the bugs' remains, a closer examination of it may offer a clue as to the minstrel's whereabouts.
  • No sooner do you approach the rift than you are hurtled through time and space into what appears to be a prison cell. Within this dark, dank chamber you at last find the wandering minstrel. Hopefully he has not come to harm.
  • The wandering minstrel appears no worse for wear, but it seems he fell into a trap while carrying out his mission of exterminating the insectoid menace. Destroying the final bug triggered peculiar magicks that not only transported him to your present surroundings, but also stripped him of his ability to teleport. With no way out, he thought to examine the remains of a bug that followed him through the void. He deduced there is a secret command that, once uttered, will dispel the magicks that hold him there. He attempted to probe its mechanical mind but what he found was a complex labyrinth seemingly bereft of rhyme or reason. Having exhausted himself after days of searching, he asks that you take up the quest in his stead.
  • After navigating the seemingly endless corridors of the insectoid's mind for what feels to be ages, your discover a pattern and soon ascertain the command that will grant the wandering minstrel his freedom. With a strum of his harp he utters the words and you are whisked away, but not back to Nophica's Well. You find yourself on a plane between time and space, and are soon confronted by one Naoki Yoshida...
  • You open your eyes, and the figure before you is not Naoki Yoshida but the wandering minstrel. Was it all a dream? In any case, the both of you are returned to Eorzea safe and sound. Together you make for Ul'dah, lest Nonora grow sick with worry.
  • Nonora's eyes grow wide with wonder as you regale her with your tale of rescue. With peace assured for the ongoing celebration, the minstrel offers you his thanks with a short tribute to your heroism in verse. The final note from his harp still hangs in the air as fireworks blossom in the skies above. The three of you bask in the warm glow of the illuminations, quietly offering prayers to those lost in the Calamity.



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